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mood: exuberant
awww ... :(

I just wrote an entry and went to preview it and it's disappeared now :(

So, again: I had forgotten about this blog until I recently saw aeonity mentioned somewhere and I did a search on usernames to see if my blog was still here (though I didn't remember my username at first so I searched on three different words until I found it). I'm amazed it wasn't deleted! I thought I'd have a go at logging in, not expecting it to work, but again, wow, somehow I remembered the password!

I have no idea now what email address I used to sign up with although I have a feeling it is a defunct one (for somewhere that used to host me). I can update that though, I'm sure.

Mr Right and I did get married, got our own place, got some pets - bunnies (yay!!!) and a dog. We've been trying to have a baby for a couple of years but it's not working :( The animals are our babies for now but still... we'd like to have a kid... but maybe it's not to be :(
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anonymous - September 20th, 2011
I did read a post of yours, then I just read your Profile, and now I guess you've explained yourself and your status very well. I wish I could explain my status as you do. Should you use mIRC, let me know where you join. gugulili[at]gmail[dt]com


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