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mood: tearful
no bunnies for me

I have been weepy since Friday night. I had a great time meeting bunnies at the breeder's, but the bottom line is I can't have one because I can't offer it the right environment and care. Like, these rabbits live outside, but I couldn't have one outside because the other tenants in my building wouldn't like it, and a few of them have cats, and the cats would terrorise the rabbit (even if they were only being curious, they would terrorise the rabbit). So I would have to keep it inside, which would be okay, in a hutch, except they do need to be allowed to run around, so either I have to have the patience to train it to use a litterbox or else the carpet will stink (go figure). And even if I can housetrain it, there is still the problem of how to keep the hutch clean, because a cage for an indoor rabbit needs a lot more cleaning than one where the hutch is on the grass and the rabbit can pee/poo straight into the ground. So probably the wooden parts of the hutch would stink anyway even if I could keep the carpet clean.

But while I was there I sat on the grass and had various rabbits jumping all over me. They are used to people because the breeder and her family handle them a lot. Even so, they bite and scratch. I got one scratch on my right arm just above the wrist and a couple of small bites on my left arm (though they didn't bleed, they were painful at the time and are still showing red marks). One of the smallest rabbits (about 4 weeks old, too young to be sold) kept trying to crawl up my pants leg. It tickled and was very funny seeing its little bottom wiggling around. At one point I had three of them on my lap. I was impressed with how calm they were. She said that was because they were at home with all their rabbit friends and they knew she was their protector and feeder, so they felt safe, but if it was just me there they would probably all run into their boxes and hardly show their faces.

So after an hour on the grass, and talking to the breeder, I felt really bad about "wasting her time" but I had to admit that I would not be able to go ahead with getting a rabbit because I wouldn't be able to have it outside and I really don't need stress from trying to keep the carpet clean etc etc. I knew I was doing the right thing by declining, because I don't want a critter that has to stay in a cage all the time - I want something I can bond with and pet and brush and play with without having to go to a park and throw a ball. Still, it was very hard to say no. I cried a lot straight after I left and had to ring the boyfriend to say I didn't want to go to dinner, then I had to tell him why, and he insisted on coming over and trying to cheer me up. I didn't want to be "cheered up"! I wanted to be alone and cry and grieve for the bunny I can't have (not while I live in a shared building, anyway). They were very endearing. I can see why lots of people have them as pets. If you have the right kind of space for them I think they would be fantastic pets. But a bunny is not for me, so I am going to concentrate on researching guinea pigs and rats, and see what happens.

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jim - May 22nd, 2006
Awww no Rabbit Stew? =*(



moongirl - May 22nd, 2006
No! No rabbit stew! Please do not say it again.

anonymous - March 04th, 2007
iwwwwwwwwwww rabbit stew nasty

anonymous - March 04th, 2007
nasty people
eating that butifull animal


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