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mood: confused
pregnancy dream

Early this morning, I dreamt I was lying on a red bedspread on a single bed in a narrow room at the front of a house that was on a main road. I could hear traffic passing sporadically and got the feeling it was the middle of the night. I tried to turn over but suddenly remembered I was pregnant and had been wedged in place with pillows so my baby wouldn't be born too soon. Next thing it's late afternoon and I'm in the bed (although the bedspread has vanished), dreaming (dreaming that I'm dreaming) that I'm still pregnant although I know I'm not, and in the dreaming dream, "remembering" that I have to cherish my pregnant time because when the baby is born I won't have time to do anything except look after the baby. Then I woke up - for real - and turned over, and after a short bit about being on an escalator I was back in the baby dream. Now I couldn't remember if I was still pregnant or not. I couldn't find much of a tummy bump and wondered if I'd dreamed the baby was born (dreaming of dreaming, again). Because if I'd had my baby, where was he/she? Why couldn't I remember what he/she looked like? Why did I not know if it was a he or a she? Etc.

Hopefully this doesn't mean anything. Hopefully it's just my brain using a metaphor for my nervousness re pending pet. Later this afternoon I'm going to see a rabbit breeder, spend some time with rabbits, get first-hand expert advice, so I can make an informed decision about whether to have bunnies, or some other pet. I've been reaidng about guinea pigs and rats too, but you'd hardly know it, since I seem to have five times more bookmarks on rabbits than any other animal. So subconsciously I want a rabbit? Is this symbolic for something to do with (human) children? Yes, I would like to have one or two kids, but I don't feel that "biological clock" ticking, I don't feel any urgency. So is it my subconscious feeling the urgency? So I get this thing with bunnies, the fertility symbol? I don't know. Erm.

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xstarx - May 19th, 2006
what a strange dream! :s get a kitten, theyre way cuter tounge.gif


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