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sleep and weight
alt.title: I should be skin-and-bones by now

Getting a good night's sleep may be one of the simplest ways to stay slim, research suggests.

A study has found that women who slept five hours or less a night were at risk of weight gain.

Almost 70,000 women took part in the research, part of a health investigation in the US called the Nurses' Health Study. Scientists monitored the women for 16 years, keeping records of their weight and sleep patterns.

Compared with sound sleepers, women who slept no more than five hours a night were 32 per cent more likely to experience major weight gain - defined as an increase of 15 kilograms or more - during the course of the study.

But there must always be exceptions... I sleep at least 10 hours a night most nights (lately it's been twelve) and I still can't shift 5 lousy kilos (about 12 pounds).

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