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Date added: Dec 5th, 2006 6:47:26 pm - Subscribe

so yeah ive been bored all day went and hung out with some friends at CCs a cyber cafe in almont, it was aight i got the patch from there to so i didnt have to download it here at home

other then that i didnt really do anything, wow aint gunna be up for another 20 mins or so i wanna play it a lil b/c of all the new content they addes sorta excited about it i need to sign up for temporary unemployment soon so i can get some extra cash instead of the 2 days of work i do all week i also wanna talk to brian the owner of the Cyber Cafe about possibly working there

that place is perty cool they got like 20 computers in which u can buy time on and play games on they got BF 2142 which im perty good at flying the hover jet grin.gif reminds me of when i wanted to be an apache helicopter pilot lol

but anywhew ill update later on how i like the patch should be fun tonight 2v2 3v3 5v5 arena fighting is in this patch to where u can pick members and fight against others

anywhew talk to u laters

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Date added: Dec 4th, 2006 9:53:53 am - Subscribe

sup guys been a while tounge.gif

its been about a year or more since ive last updates lol im sorta wanting to start keepin a blug again but i dunno not much happens with meh during this time of the year i've mainly been playing lots of world of warcraft since i have a lot of free time since all meh friends are at school.. im actually perty pumped today tomorrow wow is releasing content from the much anticipated xpansion "The Burning Crusade" i have a few high lvl chars but im more pumped for my shaman (god class) i kno i sound like i have no life and play a game all my life but u'd understand if u we're in my position all my friends play the game so hey why not have fun playing a game while chatting it up with them in the game yah kno?

incase u dont kno what World of Warcraft is you can visit and read some info about it theres 7 million people world wide that play, lots of them arent hardcore gamers and some only play for 2-3 hours a day and cans till progress in the game as good as the hardcore gamers mainly because of the 40 man raids in which 40 people get together and kill shit its kinda fun especially when u get inot a vent server and get to Bullshit with people from all over the united states and other countries (mainly austrailians( crazy people they are) but yeh

why im excited is because tomorrow they are gunna make the game about 20x funner and then in january they are gunna release the full expansion increasing the content of the game almost by 50% but tomorrow release means my shaman can dual wield weapons which means i can OMGWTFPWN Noobs

Shaman= class that is an all around jesus class they can walk on water (not lieing) bring people back from death, Self ressurect(SP?) themselves when they die, strike people with lightining, all they cant do is make food and water from nothing (mages can do that : /)

but yeah now i sound like a real geek but to be honest theres 7 million more people that talk like this :p LAWL

ill try to take some screens of my characters to show yah some cool shit ill try to update as much as i can remember to tounge.gif but its hard when u forget tounge.gif

-edit- some pictures

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Date added: Aug 16th, 2005 12:31:43 pm - Subscribe

hey hey hey its that mux guy eh?

yeah so its been a few maybe 2 months since i blogged, i got a new way better job then making pizza now its gaurding pickles that you guys all prolly eat, they get canned and pickled here where i live at the vlasic center, i just sit and gaurd the peoples and gaurd the trucks that come into deliver them its not a bad job for getting 40+ hours a week being paid 7.50 an hour with raises and promotions being very easily obtained

anywhewive been good the past 2 months me and brian have been hanging out like a ton. I turned 19 in june how fun! i can legally gamble in Cnd. and get drunk there woot but i prolly wont do the drunk thing... umm yeah other then that fun stuff ive just been hanging with brian and ben burns (who has been clean of drugs for 2 years now i geuss but still says "Im so High" or "Im so wasted" every 2 minutes) we've mainly just walked around went to flint a few times thats justa-bout it

so yeah ill update soonish again cya!

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Date added: May 31st, 2005 1:13:47 am - Subscribe

wow its been a week?

ive spent like a week playing WoW(world of warcraft) and wow(no joke intended) it is one helluva drug!! im really addicted right now i gotta lvl 18 Night Elf Druid(i kno imma major dork) he's perty awesome but yeah im playing it on my slow ass 28k connection and its actually not that laggy, most of the time im getting better connection then my friend brian who lent me his game and let me have his 10 day free trial, so im prolly gunna buy it on friday, and then i have to pay like 15 bucks a month to play im gunna cancel my video game account at blockbuster cause there is no games that i like commin out for PS2 or anything...

buy yeah if yah have a WoW account my druids name is TheMUX

for those of you who think WoW is worth a chance, Take that chance it is a very very nice game and a lot of the people in the game are very nice, and always willing to help another in need, its also nice that they have divided Good and Evil so really even after u have completed the game u can go around and raid the Hordes places

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Date added: Apr 25th, 2005 3:43:26 pm - Subscribe

right now its just a picture of my computer i hopefully will update some more pictures soon but i only get 20 a month and its 25 cents each after the 20 i send...

FYI i got the phone today, and its a Motorola V265 ive heard about some microphone problems but oh well its a phone and it calls people so im happy!

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