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Date added: Dec 5th, 2006 6:47:26 pm - Subscribe

so yeah ive been bored all day went and hung out with some friends at CCs a cyber cafe in almont, it was aight i got the patch from there to so i didnt have to download it here at home

other then that i didnt really do anything, wow aint gunna be up for another 20 mins or so i wanna play it a lil b/c of all the new content they addes sorta excited about it i need to sign up for temporary unemployment soon so i can get some extra cash instead of the 2 days of work i do all week i also wanna talk to brian the owner of the Cyber Cafe about possibly working there

that place is perty cool they got like 20 computers in which u can buy time on and play games on they got BF 2142 which im perty good at flying the hover jet grin.gif reminds me of when i wanted to be an apache helicopter pilot lol

but anywhew ill update later on how i like the patch should be fun tonight 2v2 3v3 5v5 arena fighting is in this patch to where u can pick members and fight against others

anywhew talk to u laters

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