its been a while
Date: Aug 12th, 2007 12:00:15 am - Subscribe
Mood: achy

so i haven't written here in a while bc well i've been quite busy and then the past like 4 weeks i had a slump and haven't done anything. i got fired about 4 weeks ago and everything has gone down hill since.

im trying to loose some more weight but it isn't working too well since i can't do much at all and don't feel like it. i don't sleep anymore even when i try to and that makes my cat not sleep with me anymore as well.

i told the guy i liked, i can't like him...he blew me off for the 2nd time after that. he was obviously not worth my time. so im over that little crush, like i needed one anyways. but i have a date for around christmas with an old friend!! yes a date!! for once, someone actually asked me out. sounds lame, like a little teenager or something. but its an accomplishment for me even if all my friends are getting married.

im still contemplating school and it is keeping me up and stressing me out. i contemplated getting a tattoo as well and that kept me up for two nights. i think i've decided when i get the money and loose some more weight i will get three small tattoos.

i went blonde around the fourth of july....didn't go so well. my hair doesn't want to go that light for some reason. well only the hairdresser can get it to do that and then it doesn't last long. but im going dark again for when i go back to school. i figure i'll just go natural since my hair grows so fast. just reminded myself why i don't color my hair anymore. well i did have highlights for a while but they were growing out hence the dying it the first time. but im growing my hair out again too, it costs me too much to keep cutting it bc it grows horrible fast.

im remodeling my parents bathroom, been working on it all week long. just got done sanding the walls and need to prime maybe tomorrow. or i might take the day off and prime monday then go get the paint and stuff after that. who knows, it should be done by the end of next week.

moving in 2 1/2 weeks!! yes finally! just seems to be taking forever. im all packed tho. i did that like the first few days after i got fired and had nothing to do.

but im getting back into exercising. i exercise like every night before bed now. i also kinda meditate since im having anxiety problems again. i don't know if it is helping still not where i want to be, trying to eat good but not much good to eat around here. lol. trying. i just hate my hips and if they were smaller along with my thighs...then i'll be great...everything else if fine.

well that is about it for now. oh yes my best friend is still driving me up a wall. she still doesn't know what she is going to do, still living off of others and still just out there. she was supposed to know like forever again and then kept setting deadlines and stuff and now she is down to almost no where to stay but her car and still doesn't know. she said she was going to figure it out like thursday....well its like sunday now and all i know is she keeps saying 'have to decide like by tomorrow morning, have to decide by tonight'. whatever.

i don't care anymore. she doesn't call me and complain so im happy. she was getting annoying calling me and asking me what to do and getting pissed at me saying 'well some people don't have their lives planned out'. yea as if i know what the heck im doing. but at least im not doing nothing to get there. im doing something to get there.
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