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n1ghtshade little update - Subscribe
I don't really got anything to say, My birthday was good, (yeah it got better soon after I talked to you) Misti and Micah will be here tomorrow afternoon, and probably going to be here through Wednesday cause Mom and her are going to the hospital Wednesday to get a check up and see if Misti's going into the hospital again. We'll see. I should be cleaning I will be in a bit, I just wanted to do a quick update, I'm putting stuff on my ipod again I've only redone it 20 times since Saturday night. happy.gif

I think I am going to start cutting off some of the people that hurt me. Cause I know its what I need to do, I just need to figure out who all that is, I know its not you so don't worry. Mickeys one... -sighs- I know I don't want to cut her off cause its going to piss her off, but I know I need to. Whether I want to or not. It'll be okay though. im gonna go quit rambling and clean. Yeah.

Sis, I love ya, don't forget that k?
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n1ghtshade whatever Oct 5th, 2007 2:05:37 pm - Subscribe

Misti called today, apparently Rose (her sister) and Jack (her dad) and Shane (the baby's father) are going to take her to the hospital Monday and check her in and everything so mom said we're not going to go. And apparently they started talking about Tuesday, and how Misti wants us there, and Mom told her we're not going but we might go after the baby is born. Which means we probably won't, and we won't be there the two days Mom promised her we would be there. And then she gets mad at me for being pissed cause we're not going, why? We promised her we should be there, so what if Rose and Jack and the rest of the bunch are her family. We're her family to we've been more her family in the last few months then they have so why shouldn't we be there? Whatever it figures we wouldn't be there. I kind of had a feeling I wouldn't be seeing my nephew, especially if she does end up giving him to the couple. This sucks. This seriously sucks, and Mom's going to try to give me an explaination as to why we're not going I'm sure, and I really don't want to hear it, cause I am quite sure she doesn't have a good reason as to why we're not going. Rose is going to cause problems either way if we're there or not.
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n1ghtshade not sure if i told you abe got a cat Oct 6th, 2007 9:38:26 am - Subscribe
and he was going to bring it home, well he brought it home this morning, her name is Robbie and she's beautiful and she's still not full grown yet. and we're keeping her in the house for now, in star's (which is abe's dog too) dog carrier cause she'll end up taking off, dad thinks she should run around the house but mom isn't going to let her right now, cause of star being around. oh and i got ordered to leave her alone. and i'm like now that she's here and once frisky and her meet and they get to know each other, maybe he'll go out with her. and mom's like once she gets use to us, she'll be like a cat should an indoor outdoor cat. and i'm like yeah well frisky will go out with her, but tiny hates going outside and so therefore he won't. and he don't like going outside, so i know he won't go out.
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n1ghtshade my new nephew Oct 9th, 2007 6:30:10 pm - Subscribe
my nephew was born this morning sometime at 4 pounds 9 ounces. He was doing fine, and Mom said that Misti said he just stopped breathing a little bit ago, they brought him back and he's doing okay.

Edit. They changed his name again so its now Christian Lynn
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n1ghtshade blah blah blah and more blah Oct 19th, 2007 11:38:38 pm - Subscribe
Dan's taking off Tuesday and Wednesday and he's going down to Houston cause apparently Dan and Danie's other sister Nancy, ( I don't remember right now if I knew anything about her before this) is wanting to meet them, and my nephews. Mom said that Dan told her, that he don't want anything to do with Nancy but he's going to meet her because of Danie, cause he's worried about her. (why would he need to worry about Danie she's fine) And Mom also said that He told her that he had wished he had never put the information online to meet his Sister, and their Mother (Becky).

(Cause Him and Danie was adopted when I think they was 10 or 11)

So now their going to go meet her, their sister, and I'm almost sure I knew about her, but they always said they would never meet her. So I didn't really worry about it, and Mom told me that their meeting her, and thats why he took the 2 days off, and all I could say, is yeah Dan told me. (which he did tell me he was taking a couple days off he didn't tell me he was going to meet his other sister).

Thats that part of the news theres more.

I got up this morning, and Mom tells me that if Eric's wife doesn't want this dog, (Eric is Abe's night manger/boss) then Abe gets yet another dog, cause they don't want to dump him off at the animal shelter that is next to where Abe works, and so Mom's like okay, we're getting a puppy this weekend and its a black lab. And Mom hates black labs, and Abe don't like them either, so why is he keeping it? I don't know, and she's like Abe's going to make us look like the zoo next door (Crystal's place) and I'm like no he won't, you won't let him, and why are you letting him keep it? Its a black lab, you wouldn't let me keep the black lab that Crystal was going to give me. Cause if I remember right you don't like them, and she's like its replacing Star (cause she thinks Abe's Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd Mix) is going to die this winter, cause she's really old and she's got arthritis and she's been falling a lot lately, and I'm like okay, whatever, and she's like there will be more animals, and I'm like yeah and I'm standing there thinking (yeah and they'll all end up being Abe's) She has to annoy me at least once or twice a day, I can't help it but let her get to me. (so Mom's got her puppy that she's been wanting).

So then later today, I'm like so are we going to have Thanksgiving or what? And she's like I don't know I don't really want to do it, and I'm like uh I done told you I will do it!! And she's like you don't know how, and I'm like I know how to do everything but the Turkey and the Yams, and I'm like those I can figure out how to cook I mean we do go internet don't we? And she's like yeah we'll probably have 20 people here at least, and I'm like maybe, our house is always full of people. And she's like yeah, so she's thinking about it.

And I asked her if she heard anything out of Danie about the little girl, and Mom's like no, she would of called wouldn't she? And I'm like well I figured she did. And she's like no go away I've got a headache, and I'm like okay, and apparently all through out today, I've annoyed her totally too much although I've only asked her a few questions every now and then and Dad got home, and he said something and she's like no I don't want to hear about it, and he just keeps going, and she's like see you get it from him, and I'm like well I told you I was my father's daughter didn't I? Neither one said a word, but Dad just smiled. So at least I made him happy today.

And I got mail from Dad's insurance company, and apparently I am no longer insured lol great, oh well. And Dad's like you are if your a student, and I'm like yeah I guess, and then Mom went on about telling Dad about what Dan's going to be doing next week.

Oh and apparently we're up to 13, 000 something MB and we got to go at least under the 10,000 mark before the internet will go back up full time, and to top that off guess what? As of Tuesday night, I won't be on nights anymore or at least not much, cause Dan decided to upgrade my computer, and for some reason that's going to take two weeks to do. -rolls eyes- One of his stupid built computers I'm sure, or somebody he knows built it -roll eyes again- Which probably don't work any better then ANY of the ones he builds. Lets see he built mine, I've always had problems with it, Abe's he's built but he's never on it to have problems with it, Mom's he built and she's always having problems with it too, and the ONLY one that never seems to have problems is the one Dan built for himself.

But I don't have a fucking choice in the matter.

So I'm sorry in advance.

Gotta love my annoying Family, oh and he wants my stuff off of my computer and on his by Tuesday which is when he wants me to reinstall windows and not put any of my messengers back on it, and he won't even be home until Thursday NIGHT -rolls eyes-

And he gave me another lecture about the internet, and not downloading anything, watching videos, going into voice conferences on yahoo, and web cams, and all that good bullshit, and I was standing there staring at him, like I'm not an idiot, I know all this. And he's like I won't be here to shut it off, so go gentle on the internet, and I'm like yeah I will. Which I will which I have been. So in the next 2 weeks, I'm going to go more batty then I already am, without my internet, and now I won't have my computer. But hey by then the internet should be down enough to go full time again.

And he explained more about how the internet works, but it went over my head again, other wise I would probably explain it.
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n1ghtshade We have a new dog lol, or should I say Abe does... Oct 20th, 2007 3:17:16 pm - Subscribe
Well I wake up to When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne going off, only I realize when I actually do wake up that its not playing anywhere, so I go say hi to mom, and there is a huge lab in the living room, Mom said puppy right? Ha She's 2 years old, she's big for being the puppy I was expecting lol, and she's got this spiked collar, and its name, which I think is hilarious for some reason, is Sassy. Sassy in a spiked collar lol.

Sorry I find this amusing. Very amusing actually. I don't know why I just do. But Abe getting a new dog still didn't help my dog wanting. I still want one.
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n1ghtshade black labs Oct 20th, 2007 11:43:03 pm - Subscribe
Has anyone ever heard of an overly terrified of being alone Black Labrador Retriever? Well we have one, Dad went to bed a few minutes ago and she's pacing around the house, and she opened my door twice because I still have yet to get my door latch fixed, and she scared the crap out of frisky so him and tiny are hovering around the door. Its funny actually, except the annoying Black Lab part, I love her, but geez she can be alone every once in a while, right? Somebody please tell me its just because she's in a new place, and once she gets use to it, she won't be like this? She's going to end up waking up Mom or Dad and getting yelled at, but I can't fix that, I can't help that, I want to, but I can't.

Anyways I found this really cute lab mix lol. That I know I could never talk my mom into letting me have but he's so cute.

Meet Bambam

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

* PIN Number - BamBam
* Breed - Lab mix
* Color - Black
* Hair Length - normal
* Sex - male
* Neutered/Spayed - yes
* Age - 1 year
* Location:
Mobile Veterinary Clinic

And just cause he's also very cute.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

* PIN Number - Booger
* Breed - Lab/Heeler mix
* Color - Black/white
* Hair Length - normal
* Sex - male
* Neutered/Spayed - yes
* Age - 6 months
* Location:
Mobile Veterinary Clinic
3401 S. Treadaway
Abilene, TX
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