Date: May 23rd, 2008 10:56:51 am - Subscribe
Mood: hated
Music...: Breakdown - Breaking Bejamin

It doesn't take much to make me feel like shit, and that I don't know nothing, which apparently I don't.

This pit bull puppy showed up Wednesday night, well he's the sweetest thing in the world, and he ate, an we looked him over, and he's got a few pelt gun shots in him, and a little gash on his neck, and then he disappeared late that night, so we didn't think he was coming back, cause stupid people around here, shoot dogs, just because their not theirs and they come into their yard. Its fucking stupid if you ask me, but then nobody did. So I was gone all day yesterday from like 2pm to like almost 10 pm, cause I went over to help Mandy with the wedding party stuff for Saturday, cause her and Donny got married, and their just now having the wedding party. And then they went up to the bar, so I went with them, cause its not like I had anything better to do other then get bitched at for more shit.

So I got home, and there was the puppy he was back (which the night before I had named Chance, cause he looks like Chance off of Homeward Bound but he's just black and white) so I told Danie the puppy was back, and she's like he is, an I'm like yeah, so she goes up to the store, and got dog food for him, and then came home, and started bitching at me for bringing a cheese burger home, cause I'm suppose to be on some stupid diet. Well anyways, he took off last night, and Danie went an found him, and now he's in the cage and he's even bleeding more then he was, cause the stupid boxer next door attached him, so we're not even trying to find out where he belongs anymore. Because where ever he belongs its obvious he's not being taken care of.

So since she won't let me keep him, cause he's a pit bull and apparently they always turn on their owners, and he's going to get bigger. Yeah they turn on their owners, but thats mostly cause of how their raised not because of the dog, but what in the world do I know right? I don't know shit. And so she named him Reaper, and Adam got up this morning, cause he took today off, and he's like so we got Reaper, and I'm like thats good, his name's not Reaper, and he's like okay fine what it is? And I'm like its Chance, and he's like who named him that, and I'm like Blake and I did, and he's like well thats a stupid name, he got named wrong, and I'm like whatever.

So we're going to see if anybody wants him or if anybody we know that knows somebody that wants him, if they will take care of him. And if not, I guess we're going to call around to the vet's offices and see if they know somebody that will take him, or if they'll take him and find a home for him, cause our stupid SPCA down here will automatically put him to sleep cause he's a pit bull.
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