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I've been reading this one book like (almost) religiously, Enter Sandman, I got it back last month, like a week before I was suppose to come back here, I was almost done with it, when I left, I stopped reading it for a couple weeks, cause I knew. The end was about to come up, and the whole point of the book was about to be told, her story, was about to be told. And I wasn't ready to read it. I picked it up this weekend, and I haven't really been able to put it down to much since. We finally get to the whole reason that Stephanie Williams wrote the book, it has so much insight, so much in it. It is wrote by a woman with breast cancer, and she knew she was going to die, and she wanted to write a book before she died. She did an amazing job of that.

I don't think I'll ever forget this book. Its a recommended read. I recommend it. It gives you some insight to what its like. How it is.

Two of the best reviews.

"Enter Sandman starts out like a chick lit, but as in The Bell Jar, after making you squirm for the protagonist, it whacks you with a sucker punch of tragedy....Destined for a long life in print." ---Don Wallace, Kirkus Reviews.

"Enter Sandman is nothing you'd expect--particularly if you expect a book by a young woman dying of cancer to be depressing or preachy. Stephanie Williams is a young woman with cancer, but the book she's written is funny, feisty, and full of a kind of spirit we would all do well to imitate. Read this and weep, yes, but also laugh and admire. Most of all, just read it."
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