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Date: Sep 13th, 2008 2:10:45 pm - Subscribe
Mood: content

I talked to Joey this morning, and he spent three and half hours, fixing my computer. And now I got something on here that looks like Vista even though I have XP. I love it happy.gif

And myspace still wouldn't let me log in, and journalspace wouldn't let me post. So he spent the last hour and half fixing that, and come to find out the reason Myspace wouldn't let me in is because Firefox was messing up so now I have Netscape.

Eh as long as it works I don't care.

And Dan's bitching cause we're about to go over our internet thing. Again. And guess who's fault that is? Mine. I didn't do it.

And Mom's bitching cause she says since I came I went straight back to normal. But I didn't but whatever.
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anonymous - October 09th, 2013
I disagree, Im fietfen years old and i personally think social networking sites are great! I use facebook on a daily basis and i am constantly updating my status. In my opinion its a positive thing, because you can use it to contact old friends. But also if you were to just meet someone and add the person, youd be able to find out more about them aswell. So in a sense, i do also feel it does take the mystery out of life but in a good way. Was this answer helpful?

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