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Everything is going good with us. I'm still with Eva an I decided I'm going to stay with her, cause even though we have our very rough patches and stuff, I love her, an she loves me. We actually talked last night, she's in school again, for what I forgot to ask. We actually talked, an she's been sick again, although I didn't know that, cause I didn't call her, an she hasn't been online. I didn't call, cause every time I do, she's sleeping. We're both night owls. Did I mention I love her.

(Note to self ask gf what she's in school for).

We was talking about it last night, if my parents an brother's end up going to Alaska in a year or so, that I'm going to be moving to Missouri, to be with her. I asked her if it was okay, an she said it was, so thats what I'm going to start to plan on doing, even if they don't ever go to Alaska, I want to move up there. I want to be with my girl. Honestly I need to be with her. I get that its harder for me, then it is for her, that I'm not up there, cause she has Cody, and she has those other two girls, because techinally, we're not in a committed relationship. We're still in a very open, yet closed to the fact nobody (besides LJ) knows about us. After all these years, I still want to be hers forever, I still want to marry her.

I'd do anything for her, an she knows it, she always has known it, which I'm guessing was part of our problem. At first, but we got things worked out again.

(in between writing this, I've been getting bugged by my dad, an stuff, so I lost my train of thought with this).

Try it again later
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