I did it again....fuck...
Date: Sep 9th, 2008 3:30:12 am - Subscribe
Mood: pissed off
Music...: Toy Soldiers - Eminem

I've completely fucked up my computer AGAIN!

Stupid Kazaa and wanting to add a billion things to my computer that I didn't want like Anti Virus XP 2008 that I can't fucking uninstall cause the stupid fucking Anti Virus won't let me. Stupid Kazaa, Stupid me for wanting to play World Of War Craft. So now I'm going to have to completely either get Dan to get rid of it, considering my computer won't go do a system restore, unless its back to the point where I installed the stupid fucking Kazaa program. It WON'T let me restore my computer back to BEFORE I installed the fucking program, so I can't get rid of this stupid Anti Virus Program that I didn't even fucking want. So I'm going to see if Joey's on tomorrow and use his Team Viewer thing and see if he can fix my computer.

If not I'm going to have to get him to pull all my music onto his computer (cause he said I would) so I can completely reformat my hard drive, and install window's all over again, and then install everything else. Etc, Yahoo messenger, Msn Messenger, Myspace Im, Aim Pro, Itunes, Sims 2 Deluxe, Sims 2 Pets and Need for speed hot prosuit 2, and then I can't reinstall Zuma, cause my disk is still at Danie's cause I brought it down there, so she could install it on her computer. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity FUCK!


I'm just irratated.
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