I'm in a good mood considering I haven't slept in 21 hours.
Date: Sep 3rd, 2008 9:29:36 am - Subscribe
Mood: positive
Music...: He Stopped Loving Her Today - Conway Twitty

I should of been sleeping hours ago, because I was going to go help out pat today fixing the lawn mowers, or putting in her bathroom floor that she's said for months we was going to do. I've been up 21 hours. Oh well. After I get some coffee in me here in a little bit I'll be fine. It's all cloudy outside and its pretty nice, so I hope it stays that way, and I hope she decided she wants to work outside doing something or another. Because its to nice of a day, to be inside working on the bathroom floor.

Dan's army buddy, and bestfriend, Michael is going home in a couple hours. He came up from Louisiana because of the Hurricane, otherwise he would have had to drive all the ways to California, because his families there. But since it turned into a Tropical strom, and (which is good), he's going to go back today. It's been pretty nice to have him here, I mean you see what the army did to one person (Dan) and turned him into an emotionaless robot pretty much, and I know it seemed to change Michael some but he didn't turn into what Dan did. Which is why I'm scared of if a friend of mine decides she wants to join the army. But she's going to have to do what she needs to do.

I've been spending a lot of time hanging out with Ani and still trying to figure out how to get her down here. That still isn't working out very well. I'll get it figured out eventually. I'm going to get Mom working on setting up the math course, or at least looking into it. Things are not going the way they was planned but then they never do. So oh well.

The head therapist came an saw mom today while she was at therapy, and she wants to bring the whole family in and get us all to learn somethings for Mom cause he wants her doing therapy every hour on the hour. So I'm going with them Friday morning at 10 am. And I guess she told him that I quit my job and came home to help out. So she's like that is all you have to say is you was working in a grill cooking. And I'm like yeah okay, I don't plan on saying much anyways, just learning what I have to. And I'm not getting my license to be Mom's taxi driver. I'm getting my license so I can go back to Brazoria or where ever I do decide to go. Cause I'm not sure I want to stay in Texas. I don't know. I may just go on a road trip next summer and figure that out, if I really do want to leave Texas. Just more future dreams, and plans, that probably won't work. I need to start studying on that book again. But I was waiting til I was with Pat, cause she's been helping me with it, and I understand most of it the parts we've been through anyways a little bit better.

I need to go see my dog pretty soon, maybe today hopefully, cause I miss her, I know she's next door but still.

*Yawns...I need coffee, an my back is stiff, so I need to get up and out of this chair pretty soon, I'm so happy and gratiful to who ever that thought of making coffee, that and engery drinks, but mostly coffee.*

I've been playing on my Play station 2 all night, trying to beat this one race, that I've been trying to beat for over three weeks, in Need For Speed: Underground its track 86, Circuit, Terminal Reverse four laps. And its hard, even on easy its hard, hell I was doing better at beating it on Medium then I have been on Easy, I've been trying to beat it on Easy for three weeks, and I finally decided just to see if it would help and play Medium, and I almost won. But then I had to crash into a van. Eh. Somebody wanna come beat it for me? I miss my nephews best friend, he could of probably have it beat within about ten minutes.

I need to clean my room too again, I mean the stuff on the top bunk still hasn't moved. But I picked up everything else, well its a mess again and needs picked up again. I kind of don't miss having a room, besides the privacy factor, I think thats the only thing I really missed about it. But having my own little corner in the boys living room, it never really got messy around my area. Only when the boys decided to litter my desk with crap.

I need to call Larry and Stacy one of these days and see how their doing. I haven't talked to them, in since before I left. I miss everybody down there. I got a Karaoke machine, that Phil gave me, and its still sitting on the shelf on my desk, and it hasn't moved since I moved back into my room. And I honestly doubt it ever will. I don't know. Might get it out for my birthday in twenty-seven days.Then again I don't have any of my songs for it, but maybe two. So I don't know.
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