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Date: Mar 13th, 2008 12:33:39 pm - Subscribe
Mood: pissed off
Music...: Forever My Darling - Aaron Neville

So Mom's back to her normal self, I finally find out what she's really pissed at and taking it out on everybody and everything. Which is starting to piss me off. Mom's mad because Dad's back to working 12 to 14 hours shifts, because of the two mechanics that quit because Brad who got fired promised Tom and Tom Jr. Dad's job and the night shift manger job. So he got fired and so they decided to leave because he didn't pull through on his deal. So its just Dad and Earl on night shift now. And then when Dad does come home his phone is always ringing. And I looked at the clock and it said 11:59 and I realized Dad was still here, and he is usually out of here by 11:30 because he has to be there by twelve, and so I asked Mom why he's still here, and she's like because I didn't wake him up, and she had this stupid ass smirk on her face, and I'm he can't be late, and she didn't even say anything.

Just because she's pissed off at Dad's work does not mean she has to take it out of everybody including my Dad. when it's not his fault he's working the long hours again, it's the stupid ass people thats in charge in corporate and all the other head places fault's, because they refuse to get Dad some help, and even if they found some help the help wouldn't stay because corporate don't pay them enough for what they do, and they don't want to stay for low pay. (Honestly who can blame them?) She knows all this. She's just being (I'm sorry in advance) but she's being a bitch. (yes I did just say that) She needs to stop bitching about it, and get over it. Yeah its not good for him, yeah he's never home again, all this shit I GET THAT. But there's not a damn thing to do about it, so why make everybody's life hell because she's pissed off?

Okay I'm done ranting now. No I don't really feel better. But okay whatever. I got it out right.


P.S. I liked her a whole hell of a lot better when she was drugged up and sleeping a lot.
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