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Date: Nov 13th, 2007 4:40:43 am - Subscribe
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So there's this girl I met Sunday night her name is Kim, she's from South Carolina (Why is it everybody I wanna date is in a different state then me? possibly cause its telling me I need to move?) and she's twenty-seven, and she's 5'7, brown hair, brown eyes, happy.gif and she likes to ask a bunch of random questions, which is cool, other then I don't know much about her, other then she is from Alabama and she moved to South Carolina for a job and college, and she decided to stay, she's sweet, and funny, and cute, and I like hanging out with her, and she likes to talk, and she seems pretty cool so far, I still need to get to know her a lot better, but I wouldn't mind dating her, in fact I asked her out, a couple hours after we started talking, and I got a maybe, and then she asked me if I meant her moving here, me there, or online, and I told her I supposed online for now, and then we could see what happened. And she hates Rap music, which is fine, cause the only rap I listen to and thats not often is Eminem and I can't wait to talk to her, I only have one problem I'm really shy around her, and because of that I'm really quiet, and she thinks I'm busy most of the time because of this, and I'm not I just don't know what to say to her, but I think I fixed that lol, I think its cause I put pressure on myself about dating her, and if I just relax and chill out, and see what happens, I think it'll be okay. I am scared cause I have a habit of pushing people away, and I don't want to push her away, I don't want to lose her, I want a chance with her. But I don't even know if she likes me, I think she does, but I don't really know.

So thats all I really know about her right now, but I'm hoping to find out so much more.

Jade asked for my mailing addy, cause she apparently wants to send me a christmas present for some reason. So I asked Mom and after giving me a weird look and thinking about it for a couple minutes she said it was okay. So I'm going to try to talk Mom into letting send one with my Christmas card, well see.

I don't think Misti, Micah, Christian, and Shane are coming for Thanksgiving sad.gif Which sucks, cause I was looking forward to that, but they don't have a car right now, cause they got into a car accident a couple weekends or so ago, but their okay. And Mom don't think Misti's going to stay with Shane, so we'll see.

And I don't think Danie, the boys and Adam are coming either sad.gif I don't know yet on that either, but we'll see I'm hoping they all come.

I was kind of looking forward to having a full house of people but that don't look like its going to happen, I'm still hoping though.

But maybe they will all show up for Christmas, maybe?

I miss my grandparents sad.gif I wish they was here too.

It was funny, Kim wanted to find out so much about me, but she was scared to ask cause she don't want to scare me away, and she isn't going to scare me away, I'm scared of scaring her away though or pushing her away, or screwing up somehow, I don't want to do any of that, I want her to stay around, I want us to get along, and we seem to get along good, she smokes but hates the smell of smoke, she drinks, and she likes bad girls, lol. She keeps wondering if something she says is to much info or not, and nothing about our talk the other night was to much, it wouldn't have been a normal conversation most people would have, first meeting a person, but thats what was so cool about it, and all the random questions, I'm comfortable being around her.

Kim: what made brandy turn me lose on you
Kim: lol
Kim: she thinks I am bad
Faith: cause i told her i wanted a gf and asked her if she knew any single lesbians she wanted to send my way and she told me about u lol
Kim: dang
Kim: lol
Faith: which i'm glad she did lol
Kim: how long have you known her
Kim: me too
Faith: since i was 15
Kim: wow
Kim: you are shy?
Faith: just a bit lol at least until i get to know somebody lol

I kind of miss her, I hope I get to talk to her tomorrow. I'm hoping, oh wait it is tomorrow, so I hope later today lol.

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