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Date: Sep 13th, 2008 2:14:07 pm - Subscribe
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Well its nice having everybody here, even under the circumstances. I wish there wasn't a hurricane though and there is one right behind Ike, I think its called Joesphine. I haven't heard from Carol and Don or Larry and Stacy, or Sandy, so I'm guessing they left, and their fine somewhere.

I called Mom twice this afternoon and it said the service was out, so I waited another thirty minutes and tried it again, and it actually rang this time, so I was hoping she would pick up the phone. And she did, and she said she was at work, and she said she was fine, she said lisa was fine to, and that she promised she would call me tomorrow after the storm and after they got a signal. So their fine, cause I told her, that I wished they had come up here, and I told her they should go ahead and come up, but she said it would be stupid to try and leave now, and get stuck on the highway or something, which as I thought about it as she was talking, yeah it is. So I can only hope that they will be fine, she said she wasn't worried about the storm and they would be fine. I told her I'm scared, and she promised they would be fine, I told her I loved her, and she did her normal "you to kid"

Nothing more I can do but worry.

My head is still hurting, we didn't go to the doctor, yes I said something bout going, and mom said we didn't need to go and I would be fine. She just said it was sore and it probably would be for a while. So we'll see what happens. I took a couple hydrocodone's here a little bit ago, so I'm sure their going to kick in and knock me out, which is going to piss Mom off, but oh well. She's at walmart with Danie right now, and then she's going to come home, and take her Lyrica and then she's going to be going to bed for a while. So it'll be fine. So if I ain't on til late tonight you know that the Hdyrocodone's are working and that I'm okay.

Other then that not much else is going on. I can't sleep on my left side like I always do, cause any pressure on my head and it starts to hurt real bad, so I've been having to sleep on my back or my right side, which I'm not use to. I still can't see straight to well yet.

I miss you Ani, hope you're okay. Love you. -hugs-

Neva said Eminem's as big as Nicki now, and she's full grown, and he's only 3 months old. I think I might talk her into keeping him til we come down there in October then I'm going to bring him home. And Danie said that Nicki has finally made them stop nursing on her. Which is good. She didn't know about Frisky up until last night, and even then I just told her he got sick and Dan took him to the pound and had him put down. Today while Mom was at therapy, I told her the whole story, and I told her that Crystal thinks that Dan just shot him, and I didn't say that I agree with Crystal about the whole thing. But she says Crystal's wrong. But yeah okay.

And the only thing I told the boys was that Frisky got sick and he died. Thats all they need to know.
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