So for those of you who don't already know...
Date: Apr 15th, 2008 7:50:07 am - Subscribe
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I am now living with my sister, down near houston. And I don't know how long I'm going to be staying here, but I do like here. We left March 23rd at 2 am, and got in here March 24th at 12 pm, because we had to stop a couple times cause Adam needed to sleep. And I was originally just going to stay here until May 23rd when the boy's got out of school, but like after a few days of being here, I called My mom and she's like so why don't you just stay and find you a job? You're cats are fine, we're getting rid of Sassy, and ur fishes are fine. (Their still not going to be getting rid of Sassy, because the guy that was going to take her doesn't want her) So its either give her to the pound or shoot her. And my brother's are leaning toward's shooting her, but Mom's not going to let that happen.

I've talked to Kelly a few times since I've been here, (my online Mom) and we're talking about meeting, if its okay with my sister, which she's thinking about it, so we're hoping. Its so cool getting to talk to Kelly now. And being like an hour away from her, is AWESOME!

I've been voluneetering at the boys and girls club for a while now, but thats mostly just to hang out with my big sis. And I only have to go the days I want to go, considering I'm a voluneeter so I don't have to go in every day if I don't want to, but I normally do. And yes I am looking for a job, although that's so far not gotten me anywhere. And my parents are probably going to come down next month, and their going to be bring my computer *YAY* I wish they was bringing my cat to but they can't. And considering the last time I talked to them, I was really homesick and kind of told them I want to go home, so I guess they think their going to be bringing me home with them, but I do want to stay here, yes I get homesick every now and then, especially when Frisky hears me on speaker, and he starts meowing at me, and Tiny comes out of his room and Star licks the phone, and Sassy does really cute things like go over to the beggin strip bag and beg mom to give her one, just because she hears my voice.

But other then that I like being here. Although its really cold here right now and yes 40s in the mornings and night is cold to me lol. Other then that its been in the 70s and every now and then it will rain. My mom and them have been getting cold weather, and rain and ice storms, I so don't miss that weather. Danie's getting her two bottom teeth pulled today, cause they've really been hurting her. And she so doesn't like needle's but they do sleep dentistry and they do it through an IV so thats why the needles so hopefully they at least give her some kind of drug or something before they come near her with the needle.

I miss everybody here, but I haven't really had time to write, and when I do I'm usually to tired to actually have something to say. So when I can I'll try to write more but it'll be better when I have my computer.
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anonymous - April 22nd, 2008
I really hope no one's asking you about me.
No one can know I've sent you this, k?

I love you, I miss you. I haven't seen you around (and I dunno... it feels weird!)
Andy's trying to block me out of his life...
I don't know.
I just..hope you're online soon happy.gif

love you,

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