What happened last night.
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Originally wrote 9/12 at 6 am

My nephews are here. Danie and Adam, the boys, and Adam's Mom drove up here, because of Hurricane Ike. And I was making Brownies last night, Brownies with Pecans, and Brownies with Mints. And Blake and Connor was helping me, well Connor went back into the livingroom and was watching TV and Blake(who was standing on a stool by the island) had just got done licking out the bowl, and he had Chocolate EVERYWHERE! And so I cleaned him up after my Mom got him to hold still. And so he was still wet and I went to clean out the bowl, and he hugged me, and so I turned around to tickle him and he went running off to the living room (Which is like a couple feet from where I was). And so I took off after him, tripped over the stool (that I had thought they moved).

And I fell, and hit my head EXTREMELY hard on the refrigerator door.

-Mom's Version of what happened-

(I don't remember any of this)

I fell hit my head extremely hard on the refrigerator door, Mom said I was face down, and I didn't even hear her coming towards me, and she lifts me up (and you know her right hand is bad now) and puts me on my back in the enterance of the living room floor. Mom said she was looking through my hair to see if I was bleeding and then Adam got me up, and was still looking to see if Mom had missed anything and to see if I was bleeding, and Mom handed me an Ice pack.

This is what I remember.

I remember turning to tickle Blake taking off to the living room and me tripping over the stool and hitting my head on the refrigerator, (I thought) I had tried getting up, and fell back down and landed on my back on the living room floor, I remember grabbing my head. And it hurting like hell, then I blacked out a couple minutes, and then I remember opening my eyes with Mom and Adam standing over me, and wondering why they was standing over me, then I remember standing and Adam asking me if I okay. And then a few minutes later Mom handing me the ice.

Mom said she told me to take three advil, cause I was going to have a headache a little later and she said it was better to get a jump start on it, (I do not remember) taking the advil cause later on when my head was pounding I asked her if I did, and her and Nannie (Adam's Mom Neva but everybody calls her Nannie) said I did.

This happened at 11 pm last night. It hurt and hurt and hurt, and everything was still a little fuzzy and I couldn't focus on anything, and I was still a little dizzy at 1 am and everybody was going to bed, and I asked Mom if it was okay if I went to bed she said it was, so I curled in a ball on my bed and went to sleep.

Now 6 am everything is still a little fuzzy, my head hurts like hell. And I don't know if I'm dizzy or not, I haven't bothered with standing up yet.

A couple people suggested last night, that I go to the doctor today. And I am going to mention to my Mom that my head is still going nuts, and it is probably best we go get me checked out.

But you know my mother, and having her going through doctors and stuff with her hand, and her on two different medicines and her having to go to therapy. Three times a week, she is not going to WANT to take me. And she has therapy this morning, so after they get back I am going to suggest that we go. Danie an Adam can take me and Mom.

Edit: 7:30 am yes I am dizzy, and my head is hurting a whole lot more then it was an hour ago, I'm debating on taking some advil. I feel like I got ran over by a really really big truck.
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