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narcosis Time slipping away? - Subscribe
Within the next hour or something like that?

What's the big ordeal?

I wish I knew what it means to you. There's plenty of time don't you think?

I find ya later on I then.

Mood: secure

narcosis cheery-o joy Jul 27th, 2005 2:57:38 am - Subscribe
oh gawd, i don't think i can take this

*everything else i just typed was deleted*

and who wants to type it all once again at 3 a.m. ?
Mood: zonked

narcosis neverending holiday Jul 29th, 2005 3:35:40 pm - Subscribe
I know something and I see something. Just because I'm not on top of it exactly yet doesn't mean I won't be soon.
Ohhhnooo don't think I'm not seeing I'm just busy doing other things at the moment.

I will be around soon enough.
Mood: ethereal