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Guess what, I'm not supposed to talk about how I feel in great detail because it is considered UNFAIR.

I hang around some rough creatures. No sappy chicken soup, how do you feel today love type of emotions going on in my circle.

I guess ultimately it is my choice and you've gotta love 'em even when you hate 'em.

"Hey jerk, you're not worth my time."

I'm talking severe brutality with these folks.

Like if you're too old they're going to run you over with a freight train after they steal your wallet and your friggin' lunch. Hey but I'm not complaining, I'm just boo hoo hoo-ing all the way home to heaven knocking on the "pearly gate" asking God, "Why? Why do they do these things?"

Terrible isn't it? Yes, but if anyone hears you spreading those germs around trust me, your disease will be vaccinated against faster than you can say MOUTH ROT.

It's sort of like don't be a pussy, be a porn star and rock on, or "fuck on" with the best of them.

Hey, hey, no I ain't complaining, I'm just relaying the cool breeze I feel blowing on my nearly frostbit ass.

Hey but my friends say, "WTF another one bites the dust."

These guys are germs and they are spreading their disease faster than HIV spreads in a bath house.

Like I really know what a bath house is. I have an idea but it's not like you'll find one in my backyard.

Oh well, sleep kills. Or is that LOVE? Probably HIV and chronic heroin addiction, but wtf who am I to say.

***That was my way of expressing myself using my tough exterior shell form. I'm really quite soft inside once you get to know me.

My feelings are hurt, but I really cannot complain. I participated just as much as my good 'ole buddies (from hell) did.

It's freaky that I'm still bitching how much I love my friggin' creep-O friends. Weird. Very weird.

Mood: shattered