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natassiac Oh Gosh. - Subscribe
Isn't revamp a cool word?
Anyways, I've decided to find a blog hosting site since editing my text boxes on was way too difficult.

I didn't go to school today because I chose to watch the Women's Figure Skating Training. I waited for my mom to get back form work and we headed to the Pacific Coliseum around 9. We waited in the line-up for almost an HOUR! I would have been fine if I hadn't chose to wore my flats sad.gif I swear, my feet were frozen and I couldn't even wiggle my toes. What's worse is that my shoes got wet and now my two feet are dyed brown because of it sad.gif I didn't even realize until 5 minutes ago....sigh.
But on a better note, I really enjoyed myself. Good mom and daughter bonding, though we had pretty far seats...oh well, what can you wanted to be near the exit so they could sign our ticket, though they didn't even sign anything today.
After that, we went for lunch and walked to the Viet restaurant nearby. We saw cousin Lynette, Doreen and Uncle Key. They invited us over and treated us, which was really nice of them. Mom didn't even offer to pay cause she had no cash.. aiya so embarassing...
Anyways, I'm tired of writing since I took almost 2 hours to complete ONE of my UBC responses for the supplemental.

Watching Canada vs. Russia now...CROSSED FINGERS THAT THEY WIN ** &*&(*%&#%
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natassiac Entourage Feb 26th, 2010 1:54:13 am - Subscribe
Today was a HIP day. Yay!! I love hip days, it gives me time to sleep in, although I did not surmount (accomplish) that today.
So hey, a thought just hit me; to increase my vocabulary, I'm going to think of a word I want to type and then thesaurus it to find a word I don't usually use or know.
Getting back to my day, Myco and I went to Bert's restaurant for breakfast I had the sausage with eggs, hashbrown and toast. Yum. School was ordinary. I had to get my gown measured during lunch and skipped the Free the Children meeting in order to do work for the 30 Hr Famine and print letters to the teachers regarding when the kick off will be and how to participate in awareness week.
Ms. Mohammed let me miss a lot of class to do that. Wow, I tried to look for "tired" in the mood section, but all it had was sleepless...which is what I'm feeling now since I came back from the Hamber dance not too long ago. After school, Myco and I left class early to bring me to work. I stayed for about 30 minutes then asked him to pick me up again. He bought us teen burgers and yes...I broke my lenten promise of no junk food sad.gif to make it worse, I ate the free pizza we got at the dance.
Sigh* I'll make it up. The dance was okay. I didn't enjoy it as much as last for some reason.. Michael came! grin.gif which is what made my day. There weren't very many people and a lot of them were very strange...But who am I to judge.

Michael fell asleep without me, so I better head to bed. Night!
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natassiac When love grabs you Feb 28th, 2010 1:37:28 am - Subscribe
Today was a LONG day. I had to wake up at 7:00am to get ready for the Skills Canada Competition at Hamber. Aiya, I had to call in sick for work otherwise, I would have no time to study. Plus, I wasn't feeling too good in the first place. So I get to Hamber, and it turns out only 7 people were competing, Rachel, Kevin, Nancy, Collyn, Maisey and Jobie. We were given 3 hours to complete a brochure. This project had to include the pictures given to us by this guy named Brian who creates his own hats.
We had a wide range of photos to choose from and had a skill test. MAN, did I fail that one. I do not know ANY theory...I just design things. Lol.
All of us got started around 9:30 and finished at nearly wasn't enough time for me to go over everything and add some more pictures and graphics and details. I guess the time crunch is part of the competition, eh? After, we had to leave the room and went to Ms. Chan's room where we ate croissant sandwiches. We then waited in the yearbook room for 3 hours! Yes, it took them THAT LONG! Mom was angry cause I told her I would finish around 1:30. Oh well, it was worth the wait since we all got a t-shirt saying Skills Canada, a competitors award, and I GOT BRONZE ! Woot. My first time ever getting a medal! I didn't even expect it since I'm pretty new to all this stuff, I just started this year. I should have taken EDP last year! It was a great experience and I enjoyed every minute of it!
I went home to study Geo a bit, then Auntie Joan and Uncle Pan and my family went to Golden Swan for dinner. I wasn't too hungry since I had a late lunch from Safeway. I got Soya milk and Lucky Charms from Safeway ^^ So Happy!
So now, I'm just trying to study and fill in my blog since I get lazy often.

Yesterday I had not submitted anything. Yesterday there was no school since the whole school participated in the Hamber Live CIty event. We had to meet downtown. The 3 girls came with me...and the lineups were SO LONG! I went to the coke house and that's the only place i went to. Myco and I decided to leave and we just bussed to his house where we rested until he had to bring me back to GM PLace since I had work again. 4-9 shift, it was pretty boring since they put me upstairs to work by myself! I'm so happy all these Olympic shifts are over with, they were starting to take a toll on my feet! Anywho, I shall debate whether I should go back to studying or sleep...since I should go to church tomorrow.

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