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new digs

Feb 22nd, 2007 10:11:37 am - Subscribe

moving the whole neighborhood concerns command and control center to a new hideout.

point your browsers and rss readers to:

New digs
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Snow in Toledo Ohio hinders pedestrians

Feb 20th, 2007 8:01:29 am - Subscribe

The Toledo Blade reported on this mess;


The article does a great job documenting the problem and the Police Department does a great job showing why the problem continues;

"Police are in charge of ticketing residents and business owners who fail to clear their sidewalks. While police have the authority to write the $150 tickets, snowy sidewalks are not necessarily a priority, said police Deputy Chief Ron Spann, who is in charge of operations."

Nope not a priority, sure, can we as citizens claim that also when and if we get ticketed?

Subject: Nothing new about the snow piles
From: neighborhoodconcerns
Date: Tue, February 20, 2007 4:55 pm
To: eblake@theblade.com
Cc: william.franklin@toledo.oh.gov (more)

Dear Ms. Blake;

Thanks a million about the unplowed and not cleared walks.

"Snow hinders pedestrians Sidewalk owners ignoring 24-hour clearing rule"

And the city is also ignoring the problem by not enforcing the rules.

Ah ah ah, Mr. Welch not so quick; "The city of Toledo is responsible for its
own sidewalks. The Division of Streets, Bridges, and Harbor takes care of
providing "safe school routes" and clearing sidewalks on bridges, said David
Welch, the department's director."

The city sidewalk, and that includes a bridge and I saw two people who had to
walk in the street as the sidewalk on the bridge is not cleared, all the way
from N. Detroit to Phillips is not cleared and that includes the bus stop that
is buried and I have them all documented and reported to the neighborhoods
department and they are here: http://www.aeonity.com/neighbor
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Toledo, Ohio issues and ideas: Snow in Toledo Ohio hinders pedestrians
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City of Toledo Ordinance 719.08 Location and maintenance of benches; specifications.

Feb 19th, 2007 7:02:54 am - Subscribe

Interestingly in the ordinance;

"719.08. Location and maintenance of benches; specifications.

(d) No bench shall be maintained in any alley nor at any location where the distance from the face of the curb to the property line is less than ten feet unless the Commissioner of Building Inspection and Code Enforcement in his written approval of the application finds that to maintain a bench at such location is in the public interest. Each such courtesy bench shall be installed parallel to the curb and set back approximately eighteen inches from the face of the curb except as may be otherwise permitted by the Commissioner of Building Inspection and Code Enforcement and each bench shall further conform with the requirements established by such Commissioner with all respect to safety. Benches shall be kept at all times in a neat, clean and usable condition and ice and snow shall be removed from the benches and the vicinity thereof in such manner that each bench shall be accessible at all times."

"clean and usable condition and ice and snow shall be removed from the benches and the vicinity thereof in such manner that each bench shall be accessible at all times."

Really.....hhhhmmmm who enforces this? Maybe professionals in the offices can get the bus stops cleaned up, maybe...I have written to the Neighborhoods Department and the Mayor has been cc'd.

It’s just dandy to have Pride…
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Toledo, Ohio issues and ideas: snowed in bus stops Toledo Ohio
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Even Lucas County offices fail to shovel or plow the sidewalks

Feb 19th, 2007 6:52:27 am - Subscribe

The city of Toledo has failed to clear the sidewalks in a lot of locations, just drive up Berdan from N. Detroit to Phillips. The sidewalk on the right is covered in snow and not clear and the bus stop courtesy bench is blocked by snow in clear violation of the city's own ordinance about keeping bus stops cleared.

And at the County Facility located at 764 Berdan Ave and neighboring Pexco Packaging the sidewalks are not cleared and the bus stop is snowed in.

And we the citizens are to be fined if we do not clear our sidewalks, ya right....
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Toledo, Ohio issues and ideas: clear the sidewalks really?
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Quite an impressive list of sidewalks not shoveled.

Feb 18th, 2007 4:07:38 pm - Subscribe

From: Neighborhood Concerns

To: Call City Hall - Complaint Assignment
Cc: Franklin, William , Welch, David , mayor.toledo@toledo.oh.gov

Subject: A long list of sidewalks not cleared
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 16:59:24 -0500

At the corner of E. Delaware and Cherry the National City Bank sidewalks
and the now closed Rite Aid building.

The Arbors At Toledo on Cherry Street.

The Family Dollar store at the corner of Cherry Street and Central.

The BP station across the intersection and the sidewalk all the way to
the CAPS station.

The entire length of the sidewalk on Berdan from the corner of Berdan
all the way up to W. Sylvania, much of it abutting city property.

A city of Toledo Facititly building on Berdan near the railroad over
pass directly opposite the multi story commercial building for sale on
Berdan the sidewalk is not cleared.

Sidewalk at the Rally's at the corner of Central and Cherry.

Vacant lot the junction of Collingwood and Cherry sidewalk not clear.

Vacant lot on Sylvania near Hobby Stop West which has an unshoveled

Mr. Suds Car Wash Sylvania Ave.

Kingsley Electric on E. Delaware Ave.

Paisanons Pizza on Sylvania

Vacant lot on Sylvania and the corner of Almeda

Sidewalk in front of Patton Construction on Sylvania not clear

Sidewalk in front of 5 Point Automotive

Sidewalk before railroad crossing on Sylvania not cleared.

Sidewalk in front of Albano One Step Club not cleared

Sidewalk in front Defoe Village 2600 Sylvania not cleared as well in the
same block the now vacant Friendly restaurant and all the way to the
Mexican restaurant at the corner of Sylvania and Douglas.

Sidewalk in from the Family Dollar Store plaza on Sylvania not cleared.

Monroe Street one and off all the way the Westfield Village Shopping
center the sidewalks are not cleared.

The Red Robin Hamburger restaurant on Monroe Street.

Sunoco station at the corner of Jackman and Laskey sidewalk not cleared.

Taco Bell and the vacant 7-11 at the corner of Laskey and Secor

Vacant lot next to Star Take Out on Cherry
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Toledo, Ohio issues and ideas: lack of enforcement sidewalks not cleared
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