thoughtless matter
Date: Nov 14th, 2007 8:15:53 pm - Subscribe
Mood: awkward

days trickle out of exsistance the time lapses between our breathes
the momments are gone and forgotten
the lenses clear from fog
the days wake haze state flowing back to sleepless nights and days one after another until they blend into one motion one sunset one gaze one action one plain of being
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Date: Mar 22nd, 2007 7:39:58 pm - Subscribe
Mood: burned

i mean nothing by what i say
the words are frivolous outdated
meanings lost on someone else
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Date: Dec 6th, 2006 6:38:49 pm - Subscribe
Mood: captivated

forgettion the present
nullifying the past
forgetting it all
there may or may not be a future
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Date: Nov 13th, 2006 10:26:24 am - Subscribe
Mood: jumpy

the words frail like dark horses weakened at the knees falling limp into dust and mud blood spilled for the innocene and lost to the forgiveness of forgetfullness.
the days are long short in their melody.
falling like rain lapping at the laps of strangers.
days seem frozen into nights of disdain, the pain will not go away.
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Date: Aug 3rd, 2006 1:54:51 pm - Subscribe
Mood: inventive

moments pass undeciphered
the days are nothing without you.
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