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So after a lot of thinking...and after discovering one of my good mates had switched to this site...I have finally decided to give it a go at updating my travels...and while doing that I thought I would start a new blog.

But first I will just give you a brief run-down on my life...and in subsequent posts I will try to start updating my travels...

I was born on Vancouver Island and spent the first 17 years of my life there, in the same school system except for grade 12 when I went to a boarding school.

About 10 days after I graduated high school I took a one way plane ticket to Australia to start my Bachelors degree (Environmental Science).

This lasted about a year and a 1/2 until I travelled in Queensland in Dec 2005, doing my first serious bout of hitch-hiking. I followed this up by going on university exchange in Oulu, Finland. I was there for five months from Jan-May 2006.

I had booked my plane ticket out of Europe from Spain, forcing myself to travel overland from Finland to Europe. After looking at a map and trying to figure out train schedules I just decided it would just be easier if I hitch-hike the whole way. So I did. With my spanish friend walking me out to the highway with her bicycle...I said my goodbye and said I would see her in Spain. Nearly 2 months later, 18 countries/6000km later... I was hitch-hiking to her home town and got picked up by one of her good friends who took me to a bar to wait for her to get off work...

I did another semester of university (July-Dec 2006) but the travel bug had bitten. I went to New Zealand for 2 months, end of Dec to end of Feb 2007.

Did my final semester of university Feb-May 2007...very much focused on future travels, one week I worked 67.5 hours, my record.

The rest of 2007 I spent hitch hiking more than 20,000km all around Australia.

I returned to Canada for my first Christmas in Canada since 2002, spent maybe a week or so with my family before I departed to Katimvaik, a youth development volunteer program. I did this in another part of British Columbia and I left the program after we went to our second community in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Then I hitched through Ontario/Quebec catching up with some friends from highschool and a friend from Finland before hitch hiking to New York and taking a plane from there to South Africa.

While I had been in Perth, Wester Australia I had been talking to one of my best friends on chat and he had asked me what I was doing in 2008. I said, oh this or that...not really sure yet. He asked me if I wanted to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro with him. I said !@!$#* yes! I did my budget, figured it would work and booked my tickets as soon as I could. Unfortunately in the end he couldn't I was pretty bummed about it...and was telling another one of my best mates when I was briefly back on Vancouver Island and I started describing my intended trip...and something just happened and we just looked at eachother and we knew: we were going to take this trip together. I asked him "Do you want to come with me..." He replied "let me get back to you". I then went off to volunteer and we talked through email...the next time I saw him was walking out of the Johannesburg International Airport! After having not really seen him in 3 years, we met a couple of times, arranged a 2 month trip together through email and it went off without a hitch!

We travelled together through South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique and Malawi before my friend had to go home. I continued on through Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya before flying to Europe.

I arrived in Switzerland with about 8 Euros in cash and still having a terrible stomach bug from Africa...diarrea and puking my guts out as I hitched around. I wandered up to Norway and then went back town to Vienna to meet my family there for six weeks of home exchanges. We switched to Vienna, Italia and then my parents went back to the Island from Rome...

And my sister and I hitched to Turkey together from Rome. Italy-Slovenia-Croatia-Bosnia-Croatia-Montengro-Kosovo-Macedonia-Greece-Turkey.

We got the unfortunate news at the end of Jan. 2009 that my parents were seperating. My sister went home to comfort my mother and then...I was left to wander on my own.

I was still determined to go to Australia without taking a I started by going to Syria for nearly three weeks...then a couple of days in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), back to Turkey...onto Georgia, Azerbaijan...forced to take the ferry from Baku to Aqtua, amazing month hitch-hiking through Kazakhstan..into China :/

Made it to Shanghai for the July 2009 solar eclipse...longest one this century. Unfortunately it was cloudy...meaning it was just a cool experience not a life changing event. I met a german lady at it though and we spent a month travel through tibet to western China together.

We parted and I went back through Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and then through Afghanistan before I forced again to fly from Kabul to Peshawar.

3 mostly lovely months in Pakistan before I went to India and met my father in Delhi and hitched for one month with him between Delhi and Mumbai.

And thats my life to date (from a travel point of view...its basically my life now). I will now go back and try to fill in the spaces with more detail so bear with me!

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anonymous - May 24th, 2015
Found "by chance", better calling it Destiny and touching to read, now, almost 7 years after it had been written and 2 after your passing.

May Peace be upon you Brother.

Thanks so much for everything you taught and shared with us, even those who never met you like me, we will never forget.

May your memory always be alive within our hearts.

With Love,
A strong Hug,


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