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Zeroeth Day

7th Jul 2011 - Subscribe

Plain airy day, not very much of a summer. I was hoping for just a good day -- a beautiful, so-so one; unlike months ago when every inch of me hoped for the best. Thirty minutes ago, I was seated at the very rear of the jeepney, almost immobile. I was thinking of a lot of things -- movies, workload, people.. those which would not really help except for making my mind preoccupied. I held the paper bag firmly with my right hand.

"Para ho", my heart skipping a beat yet again. The jeep stopped next to a Chinese fast food chain. I got down the vehicle with my legs shaking a bit. I let out a formidable sigh, one that I had wished exhaled all fears that lingered inside my head, or twitched in my throat. Walking past stores and sidewalk vendors, I found myself talking to a lady guard under the "AIMS" building name.I asked her if she could help me find the person I was looking for. Although she was hesitant at first, she was still helpful. "Pamilyar yung pangalan niya", she said. I felt nervous. She phoned another person and asked him about the name. "Nasa kabilang building daw siya. Diretso, tapos 'pag nakita mo yung 7-11, kanan ka". Somehow I felt relieved. I thanked her and went off.

As I was nearing the place, I can't help but have my fears elevated. I met another bunch of guards and asked them the same thing. They asked me things back. "Mahirap 'yan, maraming estudyante dito, hindi pwedeng isa-isahin yung mga kwarto kasi bawal yun eh". My hopes went down again. I was praying real hard, God knows how. The guards were pretty accommodating however, I had to thank them for that. I was allowed to sit on a monobloc chair next to two officers and one of their inferiors.



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