Putu Bamboo
I'm feeling red
Since Kakngah have been back from Ireland, we have all been stuffing her with food that we found yummy (while she was away). This putu bamboo...why do they call it putu bamboo anyway, shouldn't it be putu buluh or something....anyway, this putu bamboo in Bangi has to be one of the best I've tasted. Even Ibu, who is usually skeptical of any new things I'd have her try, had said that she love it.

I have yet have kakngah test that one.

Speaking of which, she is now stuck on liking KFC's cheesy wedges as well, and green tea ice cream by Dessert. Nyeh nyeh nyeh. I think I am being unfair though. The only reason that I'm able to expose the siblings to a wider palate of food is due me working, thus having the extra money to get what our parents kept away from splurging. Since lets face it, it isn't a simple task to balance the household spending for a family of eight. Luxury in the form of unnecessary food is not something we had.

Maybe that is why I tend to splurge on the siblings once in a while. Just because I can I suppose.

(kakngah splurges more than I do....she's irish)

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November 30th, 2009
Thanks for the input I have removed the date. Thanks


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