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nosysusan Nosy Susan - Subscribe
People call me Nosy Susan because I'm always involved in my neighbor's and friend's business more than mine. I just feel that their lives are more interesting than mine. I really enjoy gossiping about other people and I don't know why. I have my best friend Julie and we get on the phone and gossip about our friends and family members for hours and hours. It's fun.
Mood: unsure

nosysusan Suspect Neighbors May 10th, 2011 7:06:59 pm - Subscribe
I can't put my finger on it but I think my neighbors are crazy and are up to some weird things. This one guy walks around at all times of the night smoking cigarettes outside of his house. I never see anyone go in and out of his house but it's very creepy. He boarded up his windows so nobody could see in and I live in a nice neighborhood. Should I be afraid of this dude?
Mood: nasty

nosysusan I Knew It May 17th, 2011 12:38:17 pm - Subscribe
Remember that weird guy that walks around that I was talking about, well turns out that the landlord is evicting him because of that weird behavior. Turns out lots of other neighbors are concerned so he's making him move out. I'm so happy because he's a total weirdo. I just hope he doesn't do something crazy on his way out. I'll keep you posted.
Mood: sinister

nosysusan Bye Bye Bye May 19th, 2011 6:59:40 pm - Subscribe
Well I'm waiting for that crazy dude to get kicked out of his place. It's not like he'll be homeless in which case I don't want a person to be homeless but just don't like creepy people living near me. We don't see him for days at a time and then he just shows up. The landlord said it's happening and I just wish it would happen already because I'm so creeped out.
Mood: romantic

nosysusan He's Gone! May 23rd, 2011 1:15:31 pm - Subscribe
The creepy guy is gone. The landlord told him on Sunday and he was gone on Monday and noone even saw him move his stuff. That's so weird. I looked over at his place and it's totally empty. It's so weird how he was able to move everything in one day in the dark. I'm just happy that he's gone and so are the other neighbors. I'm glad it happened without incident. Bye bye bye!
Mood: agitated