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number1box New blog! w00t! - Subscribe
Yay, I have a new blog! And you get to read it. Don't you feel special? Well you should angry.gif !! I've had a few other blogs in the past but they never lasted very long. Hopefully I can be not lazy with this one and post more often.

Lets start off with a funny joke my friend Amanda told me at lunch today. grin.gif

There's a guy and a girl who decide to have sex. So they do, with a condom. Then the guy throws the condom out the window. A few hours later they decide to have sex again but the guy is lazy or something and doesn't want to go buy more condoms. He goes outside to find the one he threw out the window. He looks around for a while and then he sees a little kid playing with it. He goes up to the kid and says "I'll give you ten bucks if you give that to me" so the kid gives it to him. When the kid gets home he says "Mommy, mommy! I sold some guy a twinkie for ten bucks but I ripped him off because I already sucked out the creme filling.

I was very amused. So yea. w00t.
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