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nvrstnry hard to be alive - Subscribe
Do i need some alone time? Give myself a timeout? Cos im damn scared of pissing people off. It seems so easy for me to piss somebody off... 2 at a time? 3 at a time? wow...its damn uncomfortable wan. Do wat i want. Then suffer the consequences. whoa...even though you dont really mean to do what you did. Or you don even REALISE if you did something OR did NOT do something...
Sometimes its just fear that keeps me away. I am terrified now. I am. Im terrified of something right now. But I think im already IN what im terrified of now. So it I dont know. I cant do anything about it. I cant un-do my emotions. I just wanna say.
Mood: vulnerable

nvrstnry I hate blog titles! Apr 6th, 2008 12:32:10 pm - Subscribe
Some things dont change do they? They simply cant and wont! haih.
Nothing YOU can do about it~
keep it to yourself even though it feels like something inside you is going to burst out if you dont tell how you feel.
but then you dont dare cos you think of the consequences.
will you still be friends of they knew the truth?
life is like this lor....
gotta learn those life lessons wan.
just get through it best you can la.
Mood: detached

nvrstnry yOu. whoever you are Apr 9th, 2008 2:42:29 pm - Subscribe
you're both my saviour,

and my downfall.