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nvrstnry heh. - Subscribe
hah. i can be. not real. i can be. real.

truth is i have a lot to worry about right now.
i dont know what to do about them.
i love to write songs. but i cant always write them whenever i want to. The song has to come to me instead of the other way around. Its a way for me to rant or something. I's still terrified of letting my opinions out easily. Not a simple task for me you see. Fear of speech is what i have. I suddenly feel a little trapped. Claustrophobia...I wanna rebel a bit la...
I wannaaaaaaaa!
dang why do i suddenly care so much what people think of me? Or memang is like that since last time?
I'm very worried la...
I actually do portray myself to be a person with little or no worries sometimes dont i? maybe its because im trying to fool myself into thinking everything's fine by not thinking about the situation. Crapping cheerfully while you don't feel what you show others.
when can i be brave? whiny. ha. ha. bye!
Mood: whiny

nvrstnry stupid aeonity always have to have title. Sep 15th, 2008 1:30:59 pm - Subscribe
Heloo blog! haha since now that miche's taken this blog address off from her blog roll, hehehe...i'm guessing that NOBODY would come here anymore or maybe they don't in the first place.(except maybe michelle or ade would drop by occasionally if they remember.)
haaa.....feeling better from what I've felt since the last post below. yeap.
Lets hope this lasts. I just gotta trust God in this.
Mood: superb