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Date: Dec 23rd, 2007 12:47:06 pm - Subscribe
Mood: zonked

Pepper has been my very welcome companion these past 2 weeks. With her around, the house doesn't feel so empty anymore. I love that she is so furry. She often rests her little head gently on my arm when I carry her. I even love the way she smells like a baby. She comforts me in a way. I don't feel so alone at home anymore.

Its funny how moods and change from one moment to the other. Just because of some teeny little situation. Or just the way you feel about yourself.
In a relationship, any relationship. its very important that the chemistry is right. in fact i think it is THE most important factor. Sometimes when the chemistry is wrong it is so wrong! No matter how much time you spend together, it just doesn't feel right. You get this very clear feeling that it doesn't belong. I do get intimidated from time to time. Its like being faced with a brick wall that you can't breakthrough no matter how hard you try. It's nice to know that you do belong with some people. Who'd accept you no matter what you did.

The best relationships come naturally. You talk easily with them around. Don't have to think too much before opening your mouth. They make it easier to be, you. No more mold to try to fit in.
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