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Too many things are changing far too quickly. Its getting a little hard to breath. Listening to the rain pouring down out my window helps me sleep. It soothes my heart. I wanna write a love song but i've never been in love. I tend to write lyrics according to what i've been through or going through now. So what i've to write is nothing interesting. Just like what I'm writing down now. Its not poetic. Its not beautiful. Its just words put together. I really want to write an honest song yet the words are so beautifully put together and moving. I love taking pictures. Not only for the outcome of it. Not only the technical part of it but i love to look at pictures and remember where i was. what everybody was doing. I love music. Music are the soundtrack to life. Sometimes I'd be in a situation and I'd think to myself which song would suit the feel of it? Then I'd play it in my mind. I like to watch the stars. If it wasnt so dangerous out there, I'd go outside my house and lie down on the playground silinders and stargaze. I love pepper. I thought I was gonna loose her last night. Got me scared. She's fine now thank God. I wanna be different from who I am. What I am.
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