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lovely things:: afternoon plans

How are things with you?

How is your health?

Do you get many visitors out at the farm?

None of these are heard at first try and I end up repeating them over and over, screaming them into the phone until my questions finally go through and I've lost interest in hearing the answers to them.
Fuck, is reception really all that bad or do you just not want to talk to me and this acts as an excuse to end it early? It's like trying to establish a phone connection with the land of the dead. Which I guess it is in a sense. Of the few replies I get, I hear of a family across the river that just dropped off one by one. Pop. Pop. Pop. Cancer or spontaneous death or something. Apparently there's much dying going on around this time at the village.
I got a new boy cousin yesterday. That was the positive note to these shitty calls.

Some fucking morning.
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