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lovely things:: some straightforwardness + making up words

-Have you ever seen a witch before?
-Sure, around Halloween I see them all the time.
-No, I mean like a real witch.
-Well, no. I guess I haven't seen a real one.
-Have you seen a lion before?
-Yeah, I've seen them at the zoo. I think at the Calgary one maybe.
-No, I mean like a real lion. Like in Africa, where they're real. In some countries, lions just come in the house. You ever seen a real lion in your house?
-No...just at the zoo.
-Well, how about a snake. Sometimes a snake will be in my house and it's no big deal. Just a snake. You ever seen a real snake like that?
-No, I haven't seen one of those either.

I love this kid! We need to get more of them in. So polite and so delightfully foreign. This club needs to kick off a wee bit faster, so I can feel like I'm actually doing something productive with this personal side project. An hour just isn't enough.
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