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ohsobroken choclate crossant. - Subscribe
Hi Hi! Ohhhhh I'm so hyper?? yes hyper. I just had a chocolate filled crossant and it was SO good!!! grin.gif Oh This is my sixth blog. these are my others:

Hehe I have too many. *dances* cool.gif
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ohsobroken choclate crossant. Jun 12th, 2005 1:59:37 pm - Subscribe
Hi Hi! Ohhhhh I'm so hyper?? yes hyper. I just had a chocolate filled crossant and it was SO good!!! grin.gif Oh This is my sixth blog. these are my others:

Hehe I have too many. *dances* cool.gif
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Curent: music: \"something to talk about\" Badly drawn boy. \"Bang! Bang! you\'re dead.\"

ohsobroken Don\'t you weep Jun 12th, 2005 5:41:25 pm - Subscribe
Oh sigh. What is up world? I'm a little bored...I dont want to do my blodge homework and my sister is bothering me. I would add something else to that list but i know this entry could possible be read so I'll just leave it out. tounge.gif . Lalala I want Amos Lee's album, and Fall out boy's, and Nat King Cole's, and er..well I want alot of cds hehe.

Whoot Wordplay is OUT!! Wordplay is a single from Jason Mraz for those of you who dont know. The video is funny and the song is great!! I cant wait till the album! It's like 53 days away...I did the math in my head while walking in the creek so lol don't mind me if I'm like forever off.

Me and Steven talked about deep stuff again today. We're not like normal teens...we talk about like the meaning of life, why are we here? Is there an aferlife? Is love an emotion or need? Depression is a state of being not an emotion. What if this world is just a from of heaven, that there was a life before this one...and this is the heaven from that life. We go really deep and I love it. I'm so glas we don't talk about like "OMG DID YOU SEE WHAT PARIS HILTON WAS WEARING?! DID YOU SEE WHAT SHE DID?!" Lol I talk like that to my other friends.

I just relized...half of the people on my buddy list...I do not know under any circumstance. It's quite funny...I add people to my buddy list and never talk to them Oh sigh.

I am addicted to these fruit snacks...they are SO GOOD AND GELETAIN FREE!! Nothing gets better than gletain free fruity chewy fruit snacks hahaha I'm outie.
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ohsobroken cleared of all 10 counts!! Jun 13th, 2005 4:49:07 pm - Subscribe
OMG I screamed I was so happy for him!!! WHOOO!!! grin.gif I had to go outside I was screaming so much...then from all the nervousness I got a headache. OHMY. God So happy. That was the only part of my day that was AMAZING!! God if the jury would have found him gulity I don't know what I'd do! WHAAAA!!!

>>>>Besides Michel being not gulity my day has been crap. True crap.

6:47: I woke up an hour late AGAIN!! And you know when you wake up like 10 mins before you have to leave that is JUST enough time to do absouetly NOTHING!! Nothing except lay there and say "omg I don't have time to do ANYTHING!" And of course you have to wear the last thing in your closet which happens to be the flannel to keep all your stink in because you don't have time to shower... GEE-AD!

2nd pd: forgot my homework...had to learn about controceptives...

4th pd: I was serousily thinking about stabbing my hand with the sissors to get out of class cause the class was that boring. When the bell rang I cried because I was so happy.

6th: Oh it was fine...the wind was bad today though. Lol honors history joke. This big gust of air comes when you open the door to the history room so we have refered to it as the wind since it will blow over anything in its path. lol. Ah yes I failed one of my tests miserably.

7th: I am failing algebra. Thats ALL I need to say cause thats whats got me so...frazzled. I'm terrified of failing...I can't fail. My parents would lynch by my hair. I'm serouisly not joking.

After school: had to study for the spanish final so I spent 2 hours doing crap work. God I'm so tired of this shit.

Walking home: worried that I might me bi. All the signs point to it but i refuse to accept it...I AM NOT! And if I am...I'll just ignore it. I LOOOVE MY MEN!! LOTS!! LOTS OF LOTS!!!

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^^ hehe oh jason.

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ohsobroken A rebuddle Jun 13th, 2005 6:49:19 pm - Subscribe
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Sorry but I don't agree with you, I didn't find Michel gulity of what he did...I mean...the mother had done that before...made the children lie before that various celebrities have molested them/ taken advantage of them...She seemed like a con artist to me, dragging her kids down with her. The people on the defence in my opinion were reliable sources so I do belive what they said about Michel being a child lover and not a pedophile. Plus one of the children (the 14 year old) seemed very wishwashy on the topic...He sturggled with simple answers and said he didn't remeber. I happpen to be 14 also and with in the peroid of time that he didn't remeber (I think it was like 2 or 3 years back...) I can remeber in detail what happened 2 or 3 years ago and same with the majority of my friends. IF there realy was moelestation then I can surely understand why he would be reluctant to talk about what happened since it was such a tramatic even in his life. But it is a little weird that he wouldn't remeber something so big in recent years. I dunno I could very well be wrong. ( I usually am :p)

What really confused me about the mother though was why would she allow her sons to be on national t.v with Michel, holding his hand and all THEN take Michel to court... what exactly raised the suspiction all of a sudden?

I belive the whole thing was a HUGE, CRAZY misunderstanding Michel didn't have a childhood so I belive he's trying to re-live his childhood by having lots of kids around his house and having the amusment parks and child-like things around. Inviting childern to his room I think was suposed to be an inocent act like a sleepover much like kids have with each other... to have fun with people thier own age, a time with no parents and just fun.

Michel needs to act his age I admit and stop all this stuff that he does to put him in a positon that would seem like he was doing lwed acts with a child. He's quite creepy looking but I'm still a huge fan on him. There's a huge chance that I might be wrong becauase I'm not on the inside and I'm not affilaited with him in any other way other than being a huge fan of his. IF he happens to have actually done the lwed acts then I'm sorry I was on his side...but for now I'm happy he got off on all 10 charges. Sorry again if you don't feel the same as I do about him being relased... I was in serouis doubt for a while durring the case too. But I dunno, I truely accept your opinion too it is extreamly reasonable and i dont admonish you for you opinion either. I just think he didn't do it. You don't agree cool you have proabale's all how you look at it i guess. Thanks for the comment!!

Peace! happy.gif
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