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In addition, the greatly parts of old people wear dress not to rush through fashion, stresses real benefit.Because the old-age clothing profits isn't high, can hardly arouse the interest of big business enterprise, is the mostly small factory of old man's clothing.Plus now greatly part of costume design teachers, all is concentrated the energy to still stay around the stage of past and popularize clothing to the understanding of the old-age clothes in their principles in creating the clothing of personality vogue, in fact, but few someones discoBaby Wearver in many old men heart and have already targeted clothes in pursuing characteristic, diversification and the fashionable dresses leveled that branded turn.So now large market mainly what to aim at is medium upscale consumption crowd, with youth, middle age artificial lord.Conducting old-age clothing profits is too thin, and likes and strolls the old people of market to be few, so generally can't show interest and think on the old-age consumption, say nothing of and set up the counter of old people. Old-age clothing existing key problem
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Understand through a market research, currently in the clothing of Peking on the market, stick card clothing to have the great majority, but brand clothing has minority. In upscale market in Peking, some clothings that play international well-known brand in Italy, France and the United States etc. nation, but is in the sticking of local production card product; Equally the same product produced by local and the same clothing business enterprise be only because different for brand, the price discrepancy hangs extremely. "Chinese luxury goods' consuming is getting into prime time. "Many industry insiders think that China Baby Wearhas already appeared a rich man stratum with the ability of consuming, they pursue personal status and characteristic consume, become propping up the main force that the luxury goods is prosperous and sells. The luxury goods consumption still has a kind of model effect, makes the white-collar and little owner competitively pursue and becomes the consumption of "row wave type". Along with more and more the only sons and daughters step into a society, their consumption ideas are more totally different than preceding generation, and a lot of families also include the tall consumption that the real strenght props up them. Four is extend a Yu parties clothing to outward communicate. The organization develops "the clothing business enterprise coast in Henan goes an activity" and organizes a business enterprise to participate in ground clothing expositions, such as Peking, Shanghai and Guangzhou... etc., leaves for nation visit investigations, such as the United States, day, and method... etc. and develops business exchanges; Plan and prepare to develop "Zheng Zhou Nyu's trousers 1000 people visit Taiwanese activity" and"the trousers brand of 100 Zheng Zhou Nyu gets into activity in the United States market", extend the trousers of Zheng Zhou Nyu in the offshore influence.
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