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There is a gap in entries because mun
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for mun life things.

Date: Sep 26th, 2008 12:53:53 am - Subscribe
Mood: lost

Tonight kamya and I actually had a few minutes of civil conversation. We were unpacking in the kitchen and she asked me about my running.

She asked what I thought about which I answered honestly...nothing.

She asked why nothing to which I answered because it cleared my mind.

The conversation did get me thinking though about why I run. I have gotten to the point where I run two or three times a day given the chore load.

It has become an escape.

The only nuisance is the belt I wear. It is not horribly uncomfortable when running but not wonderful either. I hate taking it off because I feel like I am doing something wrong when I do. I feel bad enough when I have to take it off to handle mother nature, or to take a bath. I always make sure my handler can see me at all times, except for the two ihns to go, so that not one word can be uttered about me taking it off for any other reason.

He challenged kamya and I to get compliments at the Inn. I have been avoiding it abit merely because all seem to have their own slave now so I am rarely called to serve.

I dunno, I just feel abit...lost. Maybe I will go run again after putting my journal on his desk.
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