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There is a gap in entries because mun
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for mun life things.

Date: Sep 8th, 2008 10:56:23 pm - Subscribe

I came upon a group when I was running tonight. I stayed and served. I actually enjoyed it for the most part. It does hurt sometimes to watch tiva with her owner but I will get used to it.

The one Master did not remember me until I mentioned the nickname lightweight from when he threw me in the thassa a hand or so ago. He laughed and said "Ohh now I remember you!" and offered me a shrimp. That killed the mood. I had to apologetically refuse telling about his command with food.

Why is he punishing me with this? Kamya and Runner get to bebop around like nothing and everything is fine but I get punished for naught!!

It was easier to be hungry on the streets because you could get away from the smell of food but here food is everywhere! I have become soft in my need for a consistent meal pattern and so I am hungry again.

And has he been here today? No! Trust me, he says. Hmmph!
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