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Adventures in Awesomeness Vol. 2: My neck, my back! My neck and my back! Jul 12th, 2009 5:48:07 am - Subscribe
Mood | accomplished
Current City | New Market

July 6: Edmonston
After leaving the glory and triumph that came with Halifax, we traveled onward and upward. hilarious. By the time we got to the house we were playing in we were all totally hopped up on goof balls and ready to play in Mario's top floor apartment.
It was 600 degrees inside and we couldn't open a window because we would get noise complaints (seriously, what's wrong with a 10pm punk show on a Monday night?) Fucking amazing show, there were 15-20 people and it felt like 60 they were all really friendly and super cool. One of the best shows to date.

July 7 & 8: Montreal
Drove for another fucking LONG time the 7th and got lost in Montreal for 2 hours. Stayed with our buddy Joel.
Last year when we stayed at his place we put some laundry in the dryer. The next day we left Montreal and we got a message from him a few days later, it read: "Bad news: someone left a tshirt in the dryer. Good news: It's REALLY dry." So as we rolled up to his place I was pleased to know that the mystery tshirt's owner would soon be revealed. I asked Joel if he had kept the shirt and he informed me that he had. I asked him if I could see it and he handed it to me. It was inside out, making the mystery that much more intense. I slowly turned it right side out only to find i was holding it backwards! The suspense was killing me! I flipped the shirt around and yelled "AHA!" and staring me directly in the face was a shirt that belonged to none other that ME! What a TWIST!
Next day we hit the venue. Place called Piranah. It was also an amazing show. Great people, lots of dancing, singing, good times. Killer venue, great sound, good times! And we roll on..

July 9 & 10: Kitchener
We got up and left Joel's place, first inspecting the dryer to be CERTAIN. But as I think about it now, I have been unable to locate a particular tshirt for a few days now.. Shit. I'll check that after I post this blog and let you know if it's there ion the next one. We had a fucking 10 hour drive to Kitchener or some fucking garbage. GET BACK IN THE VAN!
We were staying at Phil's (Broadcast Zero) place. And cabin fever set in as we rolled up at 1 am. The drive was terribly long, and it's hard to read in total darkness so I sat and tried to sleep. Phil had thrown us a party, and apparently it was a good one but sadly we rolled in an hour or so after it had ended.
Next day we played the loudest show we have had so far. It was in a small concrete room filled with sweaty teenagers and greart bands. A really drunk guy tried to make away with the jar on the table labeled "gas money" but we caught him. My ears still hurt. We also got the new CD!!! It looks great, it sounds great. Thank you EVERYONE who had ANYTHING to do with it. Some of the liner notes were not complete, that is really my only qualm with the disk.

July 11: Hamilton/Toronto/New Market
Okay seriously what the FUCK were we thinking. We had already had two shows booked that day. One in Hamilton and then one later that night in Toronto. While we were in Toronto Dave gets a message from a friend in New Market asking if we wanna play a THIRD show that night, and like a bunch of fucking dopes we all say YEAH SURE! (enthusiasm may have differed from band member to band member).
We drove to Hamilton to play a matinee with a fucking AMAZING set of bands. Class Assassins, Steeletown Spoilers, Broadcast Zero, and The Rotten. Turnout was good, the kids there are real die hards, so it was nice to play to people who know good punk rock, and the Class Assassins brought their kids, I fucking LOVE when four year olds are running around shows with great big sets of noise dampening headgear on. ADORABLE! One of their kids pulled the fire alarm while they were on stage, haha. Badass little girls. We played our set and earlier today I received this message from one of the people who was there
"...Today, I really liked your show... Like, really really liked it. I learned something important I think. And you might have changed my life for the better with something you said. I just want to let you know that you guys are awesome and that I appreciate everything that you stand for and everything that you do..."
And THAT is why I keep doing this!
After Hamilton we took our million dollars and made for Toronto to make a million more! The Rearview Mirror was the club and we played a short set because we had to go play a third short set in an hour. Small crowd, but they were clearly having a good time so they were an AWESOME crowd!
And finally we hit New Market. Huge turnout, it was super awesome to be added last minute.
Sleep came quickly to tired little (Class War) boys and girls.

And now the adventure continues...

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Neighbourhood Watched Jul 6th, 2009 3:56:50 am - Subscribe
Mood | jumbled
Current City | Halifax, NS

Woke up to a conversation between two chirping women this morning. Apparently our van was parked in their parking spot. Fair enough. But did she have to call parks and recreation before knocking on our window to speak to us first? And yes I know for a FACT she knew we were in the van sleeping because later a guy who was working near by told us as much.
"Please don't EVER do this again, you should know better!" Fuck off. I bet you don't even have a car you're just a shitty person who has nothing better to do than call fucking parks and recreation in an attempt to ticket EVERYONE. Fucking DOUCHE!
Played Halifax last night, to almost no one. BUT we made a few new friends and they're AWESOME! so last night was awesome. The local openers bailed on the show because i) their singer blew his voice out and; ii) there was a house show up the street that was absolutely 'bumpin'. Well whatever, we had a good night. Pneumatic Transit were the other band, fucking great dudes, stoked to see them again in Hamilton next week.
Offspring show was HILARIOUS. So much mud. Had to buy new shoes.

Edmonstun Next! Yeah 6 hours!

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Adventures in awesomeness Vol. 1: The Fun Don't Stop Jul 4th, 2009 5:16:49 am - Subscribe
Mood | melty
Current City | Moncton, NB

Tuesday: Was the Corner Brook show. All in all a good time, got to see some old friends. All the lady who ran the venue could say was "it was so loud!" I slept at Justin's place everyone else slept in Steady Brook.

Wednesday: Woke up in Corner Brook, sat around for a while petting dogs. We then decided to go swimming. We drove up to Steady Brook and walked up a large mountain (Marble Mountain) and went cliff diving. This was my first experience cliff diving. It was incredible fun, and scary as shit. Some kid did a backflip and landed on his face he hit so hard he gave himself a nosebleed. AWESOME!

Next we drove to Stephenville for the show that night. Played a place called Clancy's Pub. Nice layout. No stage lots of floor to run around. Broadcast went on after the opening act and played a killer show. As they were tearing down we started setting up. Some dude with a really tight white t-shirt and a matching hat walked over to Nick (Broadcast's vocalist) he thought Nick was in our band I guess and drunkenly slurred "buddy I hope your band is better than that last one because they fucking sucked!" Nick told the dude that he had in fact been in said "shitty" band and white t-shirt siad "oh, well you were awful, shake my hand. No hard feelings." He then extended his arm (which was mostly bicep) and nick shook the part of his barbed wire tattoo that had fingers. I assume it was a hand anyway. White shirt was impressed by Nick's ability to take such criticism and remain calm so he said as much and then went back to his table to continue flexing and doing other really cool shit.

We plugged our shit in and played as hard as we could. the night ended with me doing the worm and there were at least a handfull of folks who had a really good time, and that's all I really care about anyway, that SOMEONE had a good time. We played mostly covers and I played very little guitar that night, just sang. It was fun all in all. Stephenville "most rock and roll town in Canada."

As we finished up some dude said he'd give us $120 to get a hotel room for the night (which he actually did! Thank you you're awesome!) we decided it would be a better move to just head straight to the ferry and sleep there. Drove through the night got to the terminal, 3 of us hid in the top bunk of the van, got on the ferry and then we slept

Thursday: We drove to Antigonish and stayed with my brother Scott for the night. My dad showed up too and we went for food. We were gonna do karaoke but the bar closed for the night 'cause a fight broke out 15 minutes before we got there. Went home. Slept.

Friday: Got up and drove to Moncton. Got in with some time to spare, found the venue and loaded out. It was an all ages show and there were a ton of kids there it was a GREAT show. Played in an old abandoned firehouse so they opened the bay doors and we played out to the street, it was fantastic. I met a kid there who was hell bent on joining the army, I tried to talk him out of it, he wasn't budging. Fuck the army for grabbing our kids. Child soldering is not an option here but throwing our kids into "cadet" programs is the next best thing. Vultures.

After the show was over we piled in the van and the door lock ceased and now our sliding door won't slide. Fuck. Hop we can fix that soon. we now have a van with 4 doors total, of which NONE work properly. The Back doors don't lock so there's a bike lock on them, the passenger side door lock has ceased, the drivers side door won't unlock from the outside and now this. Regardless, we carry on.

Today: Just waking up, Headed backwards to Halifax to take in a free concert, we have a show there tomorrow so that's pretty convenient anyway. Who is playing you ask? Metric (HA!) The Offspring (HAHA!) Dinosaur Jr. (That's actually pretty cool!)

I think I want to move to France.

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Destroy the world! Jun 30th, 2009 3:34:51 pm - Subscribe
Mood | invincible
Current City | Corner Brook

Sitting in the venue listening to ...fromouterspace. Excellent band. First show not in St. John's. Broadcast Zero got in to town 4 days ago and we've been kicking back.

Hometown shows were fun. Great bands, great friends. Making new fiends, seeing old ones again.

We played to literally 2 people yesterday. Made me think of the glory days of F.C.K.U.
Was a phenomenal show despite the turnout. We jammed newer songs to tighten them up.

Fun fact: Three years ago I lived in the apartment above the venue for the show tonight.

Dodger, I hope you're well. I miss you dearest puppy.

Tomorrow Stephenville, and then the world!

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I feel safe... Jun 23rd, 2009 1:38:13 am - Subscribe
Mood | billed!
Current City | Fucking East!

My power got shut off a week ago. I'm living Agent Orange style (in darkness).

8 more sleeps and I am out into the wretched world for 2 months, to return homeless to the streets of St. John's.

I can't fucking wait!!!

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