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Paul Sheals: Paul Sheals Rocketfish

After 14 months of hard work I have at last completed my Online Marketing Course designed specifically for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. The books and supporting videos have been written for the complete novice but contains information, ideas, hints and tips that the most seasoned campaigner will find incredibly useful. most books I have read on this subject matter (and i have read many) talk in a language that even someone like me who has devoted his life for the past 14 years to the subject finds confusing. As a small business owner myself I don't need a lesson in code writing I just want to know quickly how something works, how it is going to benefit me and how I implement it with minimal fuss. I guarantee that by the end of each chapter you will want to stop reading and implement the ideas straight away and straight away you will see the benefit.

i had to do a lot of research whilst writing these to ensure the stuff I am introducing is current and whilst doing this I found some great stuff myself that I have Implemented for my own business and as a result I have doubled the leads we would normally be generating - even during these tough economic conditions.

Therefore the ideas are not only good, easy to understand and easy to introduce they are proven to work because I have done them all, either for our clients or for my own business - and now for the promotion of my own books.

You can read more and sample the books and videos at - please read, buy, enjoy great results and give me your feedback.

You can also read more current articles from Paul Sheals Rocketfish at his blog
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Paul Sheals Rocketfish - The Underwhelming Success of Google
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Paul Sheals: Paul Sheals Rocketfish

Let me start by saying I do not think this is Google’s fault. However I deal with and have dealt with hundreds of small business owners and the vast majority believe that if they get their web site to the first page of Google they have struck gold and huge volumes of leads and sales will come flowing into their business. They almost sacrifice any other thought or form of marketing in an endless pursuit of what they see as the holy grail which is first page of Google for a meaningful phrase in their industry.

I sometimes liken this to “Eddie The Eagle Edwards” or “Eric The Eel Moussambani” both of whom you may remember had a dream of competing at the Olympic Games and ultimately achieved their goals but when they finally arrived were ill equipped to take advantage of the situation they found themselves in.

I have dealt with clients where we have achieved hundreds of first page positions on Google with meaningful phrases for their industry and are unhappy with the outcome and at the same time dealt with clients where we have achieved 10 first page positions and they are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. The main difference is that one is better equipped to maximise the opportunity they have been given whereas the other isn’t.

If we take three phrases and utilise Google’s “Keyword Estimator Tool” - this is the tool within their Adwords area which tells customers what they believe would be the clicks a customer would get to his web site from a particular phrase and the estimated cost on a daily basis.

The first phrase we will look at is “Running Shoes” which received 246,000 local searches last month alone. Google estimate that this will result in 298 clicks to your web site at a cost of £423 per day. If we assume that a retail shop makes £50 profit per shoe (a little high I suspect) and they close the industry standard of circa 2% sales from clicks then they will achieve 6 sales with a total profit of £298. Therefore in this scenario they would make a loss of £125 per day! It is also worth bearing in mind that industry standard conversions only happen if the client is well equipped to deal with any visitors and clicks they might get.

If we now look at the second phrase “Wedding Dresses” which received 1,830,000 local searches last month alone. Google estimate that this will result in 2178 clicks to your web site at a cost of £1520 per day. If we assume that a retail outlet makes £250 profit per dress (an average estimate across all dresses) and they close 1% sales from clicks then they will achieve 22 sales 9I suspect there would be a lot of window shoppers in this industry) with a total profit of £5445. Therefore in this scenario they would make a profit of £3925 per day! The problem here however is that the small business would need the courage and cash flow to stand spending £1520 per day to start with and be well equipped to manage and re-market too leads after they visit the web site (as I suspect there would be a long lead time from initial enquiry to sale in this industry).

Finally if we look at a very popular and competitive phrase “Car Insurance” which received 4,090,000 local searches last month alone. Google estimate that this will result in 3721 clicks to your web site at a cost of £40,410 per day. If we assume that a broker makes £100 profit per policy (a little high I suspect) and they close the industry standard of circa 2% sales from clicks then they will achieve 74 sales with a total profit of £7442. Therefore in this scenario they would make a loss of £32,968 per day!

I am not suggesting that getting to the first page of Google is a waste of time for business owners (far from it) but for the vast majority of small business owners it is very difficult (almost impossible) for them to make Pay per Click work. If they have a seasonal product or a very niche product or a product with very big profit margins then they may have a chance however for most companies this is not the case.

Because of the huge costs involved small business owners tend to set a daily budget when it comes to Pay per Click so that they limit their exposure and the amount of money they spend each day however the problem here is that as with any sales funnel if you are only on top of Google for part of the day you have no idea wether you are going to get the quality leads click on your web site. You could quite easily spend all your daily budget with existing customers clicking on your site, competitors clicking on your site to run down your budget or even SEO Companies or Pay Per Click companies looking at your adverts and landing pages in order to offer you advice on how better to handle your campaign!

Natural or Organic SEO is without doubt a much better option for small business owners with click through ratio’s being much higher than that on Pay per Click (often as much as 10% higher) and because you are not paying on a per click basis you can remain on the first page of Google all day every day (as long as you maintain your SEO program).

However even with Natural or Organic SEO it is essential that small business owners understand that this in of itself isn’t going to be enough to achieve online success. In order to make on online marketing program work a small business owner must ensure they implement the following:

Keyword Matching - if you select a phrases like “Red Running Shoes” as a primary phrases for optimisation make sure the page you optimise is dedicated to “Red Running Shoes” - obvious right? One of the main issues we see when we are dealing with small business clients os that the only page within their web site that has been optimised is their home page which talks about everything but “Red Running Shoes”. If a searcher doesn’t find exactly what they are looking for when they click on your site from Google you WILL be losing customers like a water through a colander. if you are optimising for “Red Running Shoes” then have a page dedicated to “Red Running Shoes” and make sure it is exciting enough for visitors to want to buy or at least leave their details so you can re-market too them later.
Web Site Functionality & Usability - Really look at your web site, what do you want it to do? Your web site isn’t a brochure, your web site isn’t something you simply need to have because everyone else has one or everyone else tells you, you should have one. Your web site is the most important piece of marketing collateral you have and are likely to have for many years to come. Have you really treated it with that amount of respect? Make sure your web site is easy to use and does what you want it to do, be really objective when you look at it and canvas opinion from people who are not frightened to tell you the truth.
Data / Lead Capture - One of the most over looked aspects of a companies web site. If your web site simply has a “contact us” button and your telephone number on it then you do not have data capture! You are told with every form of marketing that you do that you need a Proposition or a Hook - give the potential customer a reason to buy from you, visit you or get in touch with you and once you have done this make it really easy for them to do so. You will have people who visit your web site from various points within your buying process, they could be early stage researchers in which case confronting them with a big long web response form where you ask for their life history will be off putting. However you will also have people who visit your web site that are ready to buy now in which case asking them relevant questions about the purchase they are going to make is more than ok. Ensure your site has multiple data capture points to cater for multiple different visitors from multiple points on the on buying process.
Lead Management Software & Re-Marketing - It is a sad fact that it takes between 5-7 contacts before a prospect becomes a sale and most small business owners give up at 2? How much business are you leaving on the table? Most business owners know this fact (it is not a new fact) but they are not equipped or do not have the time to see through 5-7 contacts. Ensure you have a good very easy to use Lead Management tool or Software that allows you to manage your leads easily and gives you the facility to create diary reminders for recalls and the facility to email market to leads with targeted messages. , along with Act & Goldmine offer great solutions for small business owners.

Look at your web site now, be really objective, implement the suggestions in this article and start seeing some major uplift in the sales you achieve from your online activity.
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Paul Sheals Rocketfish - Just Sell More!
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Paul Sheals: Paul Sheals Rocketfish

I am passionate about Marketing and the creative process involved in helping clients attract more leads and sales and often for less money than they are currently spending. I am even more passionate about Online Marketing and the opportunities it affords small business owners and creative sorts like myself. One major issue for all small business owners is the pace at which the Online Marketing arena changes and the constant barrage of new platforms, opportunities, applications, software, companies and services all suggesting they have the next “new thing” that will change the face of lead generation forever. Being the owner of a successful Online Marketing Company I feel it is my duty to try and stay on top of all the new opportunities that emerge every week and to this end I constantly read books, forums, blogs and any other material that might offer our clients a competitive edge.

Whilst on a rather long and arduous run this evening I was listening to particular good book “Six Pixels of Separation” by Mitch Joel which for the first five or six pages talks about the ever changing landscape, the rules of marketing having changed forever, the need for businesses to change their culture and engage with their customers online, the fact that content is king, online trust and reputation is everything blah blah blah blah blah

Whilst I agreed with everything the author was saying I couldn’t help thinking that in this current economy small business owners don’t want to here about culture change and engaging with potential customers online. Running a business today is tough, the economy is tough and growth is tough and so as a starting point I couldn’t help feeling Small Business Owners should simply Sell More.

Just Sell More

So exactly what do I mean “Just Sell More” surely this is a little bit like dieting - easy to say but hard to do? The starting point is your existing sales funnel and conversion rates. All to often I come across small businesses who leave leads and sales in their pipeline simply because they haven’t got a true end to end solution. If we first consider a typical sales funnel for a small business with field sales people.

Click to Enlarge

As you can see from the flow chart the ratio between Leads Generated and Appointments made is 1:2 which means that if left alone every 200 leads generated means 100 get wasted? Also 15% of appointments made cancel and so again if left alone for the 100 appointments made 15 will be wasted. You then see a closing ratio of 1:4 (pretty standard for field sales teams) which means for the 85 appointments seen 21 sales will be achieved but again if left alone 64 will be wasted. And finally there is a cancelation rate on sales of 15% which means from the 21 Gross Sales achieved the final completed sales will be 18 and so again if left alone 3 deals will be wasted.

On this funnel (which would be perfectly acceptable for most small business owners) for every 200 leads generated 18 sales will complete but 182 opportunities will be wasted? If however you maximise every opportunity and have products, offers and processes already in place for each outcome throughout the sales funnel you can dramatically increase sales even with the same amount leads coming in.

Click to Enlarge

In the improved sales funnel example we first have a process in place for the 50% of leads who don’t make an appointment. Usually if a lead will not make an appointment it is because the price for your product is more than they expected to pay or more than the budget they have and or they didn’t see the need for your product or service once they found out more information. Given this scenario you should have a cheaper version of your main offering or a different product offer (even a scaled down example of your current product). This cheaper version might come with the caveat that the customer has to provide you with at least three referrals if they are to qualify for the cheaper offering. You also need to have a mechanism to deliver this new message - so if your traditional process is designed to deal with all leads via a phone call and those that appointment move on in the process and those that don’t get thrown back into your existing marketing campaign then you are missing a trick. You have tried to sell these people your existing offer and it hasn’t worked! Why try and sell them the same thing again? I accept that time is a factor in that they might not be able to afford your stuff today but could some time in the future. But these people have responded they are “live & engaged” they are “hot to trot” for something now so why not give it to them? I feel you have a better chance of selling a scaled down or cheaper version of your existing product or service (or even a more cost effective way of paying for it? spread payments etc.) than letting them off the hook and hope that they find you some time in the future. Your competitors might not be so laid back and take them out of the market today! Remember you have already incurred the expense of finding these people so take a smaller amount off them today (cover your costs) take them out of the market place from your competitors and up sell once they have seen some success with your products and services.

If you then look at people who have had an appointment but didn’t buy and apply the same principles, rather than throw them back into your marketing mix and try and sell them something again that they didn’t buy first time around treat them differently! I often find that small business owners treat new leads like gold dust but treat failed sales appointments like a waste of time and money? These are the hottest prospects within your business! They were keen enough to respond to your marketing material, they were keen enough to let your sales people spend a good length of time with them so they are ready to buy something you just haven’t found the right thing, right offer or right payment structure. The key here is to have a process if your sales person try’s to sell the customer something at £6000 don’t then let the same sales person try and sell the customer something at £4000 just because the client couldn’t afford your original offer - if you do this you will lose credibility why didn’t the sales person tell the client about this cheaper product straight away? So have a different mechanism to introduce this, it could be a different person in the company, it could be via email, it could be video or even a power point or keynote presentation.

Set trigger points so if your sales team hasn’t closed the deal within four weeks lets say they then get the reduced product offer. This gets your sales team focused on closing quicker, its easier to forecast and easier to manage as an extended sales process.

Continue to refine your message - customers that don’t respond to your email or don’t respond to your offer of an appointment or decide not to buy offer you extremely valuable feedback. Don’t give up on these “adapt and overcome” tweak your message or offer possibly most important of all continue to educate the prospect as to why they should have your products or services. Do not always feel you have to sell the features and benefits why not educate the prospect as to the potential outcomes of using your products and services - business owners are smart they will figure out how they can integrate this into their company.

Finally maximise every single opportunity, ask for referrals even if a prospect doesn’t buy - you have spent money educating them and time demonstrating your products and services with professional individuals so you have earned the right to ask for a referral if they don’t part with money. Ask them to like you on Facebook - the average Facebook user has 130 friends and so you have now put your business in front of 130 people who are similar to them. Ask for feedback - why didn’t they buy? this might just open up a closing opportunity with this client but will certainly help you close more deals going forward.
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Paul Sheals - Affiliate Marketing Tips
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Paul Sheals: Paul Sheals Rocketfish

Ten Basic Steps in Affiliate Marketing

It looks to constitute a great entrepreneur success of affiliate marketing; carrying various ways of profit of this business is the best fashion. In this article, you'll ascertain how to aggregate affiliate marketing strategies as though PPC advertising, SEO and article marketing to maximise earnings online through multiple roots of income.

Evidently, multiple flows of income from affiliate marketing are completely a great idea to raise your affiliate commission and businesses online. With this multiple sources of income affiliate marketing, are executing multiple strategies concurrently. Additionally, online optimise the profits are numerous ways of affiliate marketing strategies. In this article, you'll expose and check the basic steps to run multiple streams of affiliate marketing revenue.

With these evaluates, they are more at ease for you to manage you possess affiliate marketing business and make your own different sources of income affiliate marketing. You'll apply these wide-eyed steps and determine how to maximise your affiliate commission below.

1. Bump the key words of superior performance:

The initiative is to ascertain keywords high performance your business online affiliate marketing. With those eminent performance keywords, you will control that you'll be able to maximise your profits online and bring in immense affiliate commission. To discover the superior keywords, you can enforce PPC search engine to test and ascertain which keywords are gainful and super-high executions for your business.

2. Compose the importance of superior content with high performance keywords:

The next step as the booming running multiple roots of net worth of affiliate marketing is to publish quality content with relevant keywords for broad performance. You have to establish your own innovative market related keywords supported high performance. The great recommendation is to focus on the mind of the reader and the writing itself.

3. Register for an Option e-mail service:

By this service, you'll be able to market your product direct e-mail to millions of concerned recipients every daily of the month. Potentially, you'll be able to marketing to tens of millions of people monthly, and also you'll not be charged of spamming.

4. Open a Clickbank affiliate account:

Arrange a similar example with other specified services. Commission Junction is a different base wherever one can have an affiliate account. (Both these sites provide at no cost affiliate registration.)

5.  Build your possess Web ranking supported your content:

The next step is to bring up the content that's given from the early step on its website. You've to optimise your website with eminent performance keywords too. This means you essential include high gear performance keywords about your website and content for your affiliate website. Furthermore, more optimisation methods in Internet search engines to help you establish your website rating in search engines.

6.  Strengthen your own article content:

Article commercialising is among the most effectual strategies for affiliate marketing to yield quality traffic to your affiliate website relevancy. All you've to do is consolidate the content in the articles. You've to concentrate on written material, design of the article, the structure of the article and altogether formats article. With these structures, it's more at ease as you to maximise the profits by your articles. Additionally, if you post your articles to different article directories is an adept idea to build your reputation and credibility. It besides will facilitate to attract more quality traffic to your affiliate website.

7.  Put out your articles on your blog:

To draw the multiple sources of revenue from affiliate marketing, establishing your personal blog with as are items from the past is a big idea. Even so, you've to customise the items in your own blog, another aim between the messages on the blog post an article. You've to devote a lot of your personalised service on your blog. To blogs online, you've to frame relationships with your reviewers.

8.  Include your articles in your newsletter:

Offer strategy document causes proved very competent way of yielding lot traffic to your affiliate website. Consequently, to execute multiple income streams of affiliate marketing, the newsletter is among the better strategies that you shouldn't forget. You can include your articles in the preceding step in your newsletter.

9.  Participants in the Forum through your articles:

Several analyses express that participation in for through articles will aid you better skyrocket affiliate commission and grow your affiliate marketing business. The major recommendation is to apply this strategy decently, instead of attempting to sell its products in the community. You've to share and exchange ideas and fact related your affiliate products among others in the forums. That's the finest way to maximise the power of forums and articles together!

10.  Placing classified advertisement online:

This step to causes several streams of revenue from various affiliate marketing strategies like locate online classified ads. The contents and key words high performance of the former steps, you can apply here. The most beneficial way to maximise the profits of right classified ads is to include keywords in eminent performance and benefits in your ads.

Concluding ideas, it is crucial for affiliate marketing enterprises to endure multiple flows of affiliate marketing income. In this article, have found out to aggregate multiple affiliate marketing strategies, such as PPC online advertising, SEO, article marketing, blogs, online marketing and e-mail marketing, to carry many stream affiliate marketing revenue. The actual key to the achiever of multiple streams of income is your creativeness. You've to trust these affiliate marketing strategies to maximise your profits.

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Paul Sheals - Judo Videos
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Having been involved with Search Engine Marketing for many years now I have recently been converted to working with video. It has been proven in America that companies are having a lot if success embedding video into their web sites and publishing tutorials (covering all manor of activity) on You Tube and every other video streaming web site.

Having never worked with video it has bee a steep learning curve and i have now created tutorials regarding various different aspects of Search Engine Marketing however most of these have been created using Keynotes and slide shows.

Over the weekend I decided to start working with film and began by creating a video on Judo. The video is called Judo Ippons and is a compilation of some great fighters and some great throws. The exercise has really wet my appetite and I would like to create more however good footage of older fighters is difficult to come by. There is a lot of coverage of modern fighters and events and companies like Fighting films do a great job of producing really professional footage and films for specific events however older footage is more difficult to come by.

I would like to create compilations that include fighters like Densign White, Kerith brown, Martin Mcsorley, Neil Eckersley, Paul Radburn, Chris Bowles, Carl Finney, Dennis Stewart, Elvis Gordan, Paul Sheals, Gavin Bell and Ray Stevens along with the foreign players during the same period - Thierry Rey, Alexander, Nakanishi, Yoshida, Kashawazaki, Bodavelli, Podubni, Dyot, Wienekke and many more.

If any one has footage of this period or any of the fighters mentioned have footage please contact me - don't really care what format the footage is in as i can convert it to a suitable platform.

I would also like to compile competition footage of specific techniques on one video i.e. a full video of Ippon Seoi Nage from different fighters, different countries and different years.

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