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Date: Aug 31st, 2010 2:42:31 pm - Subscribe
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Having been involved with Search Engine Marketing for many years now I have recently been converted to working with video. It has been proven in America that companies are having a lot if success embedding video into their web sites and publishing tutorials (covering all manor of activity) on You Tube and every other video streaming web site.

Having never worked with video it has bee a steep learning curve and i have now created tutorials regarding various different aspects of Search Engine Marketing however most of these have been created using Keynotes and slide shows.

Over the weekend I decided to start working with film and began by creating a video on Judo. The video is called Judo Ippons and is a compilation of some great fighters and some great throws. The exercise has really wet my appetite and I would like to create more however good footage of older fighters is difficult to come by. There is a lot of coverage of modern fighters and events and companies like Fighting films do a great job of producing really professional footage and films for specific events however older footage is more difficult to come by.

I would like to create compilations that include fighters like Densign White, Kerith brown, Martin Mcsorley, Neil Eckersley, Paul Radburn, Chris Bowles, Carl Finney, Dennis Stewart, Elvis Gordan, Paul Sheals, Gavin Bell and Ray Stevens along with the foreign players during the same period - Thierry Rey, Alexander, Nakanishi, Yoshida, Kashawazaki, Bodavelli, Podubni, Dyot, Wienekke and many more.

If any one has footage of this period or any of the fighters mentioned have footage please contact me - don't really care what format the footage is in as i can convert it to a suitable platform.

I would also like to compile competition footage of specific techniques on one video i.e. a full video of Ippon Seoi Nage from different fighters, different countries and different years.

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