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Paul Sheals: Paul Sheals Rocketfish

After 14 months of hard work I have at last completed my Online Marketing Course designed specifically for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. The books and supporting videos have been written for the complete novice but contains information, ideas, hints and tips that the most seasoned campaigner will find incredibly useful. most books I have read on this subject matter (and i have read many) talk in a language that even someone like me who has devoted his life for the past 14 years to the subject finds confusing. As a small business owner myself I don't need a lesson in code writing I just want to know quickly how something works, how it is going to benefit me and how I implement it with minimal fuss. I guarantee that by the end of each chapter you will want to stop reading and implement the ideas straight away and straight away you will see the benefit.

i had to do a lot of research whilst writing these to ensure the stuff I am introducing is current and whilst doing this I found some great stuff myself that I have Implemented for my own business and as a result I have doubled the leads we would normally be generating - even during these tough economic conditions.

Therefore the ideas are not only good, easy to understand and easy to introduce they are proven to work because I have done them all, either for our clients or for my own business - and now for the promotion of my own books.

You can read more and sample the books and videos at - please read, buy, enjoy great results and give me your feedback.

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