Know About Opt in and Opt out Email Lists
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Paul Sheals: Paul Sheals

The right way of going about e-mail marketing lies in seeking specific permission from the target audience or recipients. If the target recipient gives permission that the e-mail marketing message may be sent, then the corresponding message would lose the tag of ‘spam’ tied around it.

The real art of e-mail marketing lies in the action of sending e-mails to willing recipients. A list of such recipients has to be built prior to sending the e-mails. There are two kinds of e-mail list namely opt in list and opt out list.

E-mail marketing becomes opt in if the recipient specifically tells the marketer that has earlier sought the permission of the target recipient to send the specific e-mails. Only such e-mails have to be sent that are specifically given permission to be sent. Once the marketer deviates, then he would be dubbed as a spammer.

In the case of opt out email marketing, e-mails are sent blindly to the target recipients one time with the option of their removal from the list. The marketer should respect the recipients’ opt out requests and act accordingly. If he continues to send e-mails to opt out recipients, then he would be placed in the category of dreaded spammers.
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A Guide to Writing E-books
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A Guide to the Virtual World of E-books

E-books are online books, guides and resources that are sold online then downloaded by the buyer either from an email attachment, link or sometimes sent to them via a disc. A quick scan on the internet will reveal hundreds of topics such as wedding planning, DIY, gardening, holiday guides and even children's coloring books. As the start up costs and overheads are virtually non existent Ebooks tend to be sold for a fraction of what those in an actual bookstore will be.

Why do people write E-books?

The answer is simple, E-books provide people the opportunity to work at home in their own time, by their own hours. They can write about pretty much anything they feel is both enjoyable to them and will appeal to potential customers.

To start an Ebook costs nothing but time and dedication. There are no financial investments needed, no stock lists and in most cases no shipping costs, simply thorough research into the proposed topic of the Ebook.

How do I start?

The first place to start is to determine an area of expertise, some thing that you are knowledgeable of and feel would appeal to others enough for them to buy it. Research your chosen topic thoroughly, this includes the actual content you will write, ensuring that what you are writing is accurate, ensuring it is interesting and it's unique enough to stand out from other E-books that may be of a similar topic.

Once you have done this you can start to write your E-book. The amount of pages it contains depends of the subject some may have as little as 10 pages whereas others may have 100. Those that contain less however are typically sold for a lower price to those that contain a higher number of informative and relative pages. Regardless of the amount of pages your Ebook will contain it needs to be written well and not rushed. It is also beneficial to use images where needed, however you should ensure that you have permission to use these images, and the content included is not copied from another source.

Where can I sell E-books?

Many people tend to sell their E-books on online auction sites. Prices can be fixed or varied via auctions. If you do choose to sell your Ebook this way you should factor in fees that specific sites may have, this for example may be as little as 10p if you are selling your product for £1 so be sure to check these prior.

Additionally using Internet forums that are relevant to the topic of your Ebook are a great way to sell your product without any fees.
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Understanding Long Tail Keywords
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Paul Sheals: Paul Sheals

Keyword selection is essential when it comes to search engine marketing. Most businesses tend to initially opt for the most generic within their industry i.e. “Cars Edinburgh” might be the first choice for any car dealer in Edinburgh. On the face of it this is a perfect phrase, in the month of July 1.5 million people searched using this phrase in Google alone. However for most car dealers this phrase would be useless. As with all sales and marketing activity it is often the quality of the lead or enquiry as opposed to the quantity. If we consider the potential customer who is searching using the phrase “Cars Edinburgh” they are probably at the very early stages of their research and decision making. If they new exactly what they were looking for they would have searched for something like “BMW for sale Edinburgh” or “Cheap BMW 520 Edinburgh”.

Cars Edinburgh will bring lots of visitors to your web site but many will not be ready to buy now, many will be looking for something that you do not sell and so you will have to employ lots more people to handle lots of enquiries that will be useless. More specific (Long Tail Phrases) will generate fewer enquiries but much more qualified, closer to the buying decision and often much more profitable.

However buyer beware Long Tail Phrases have often been used by less scrupulous entry level search engine optimisation companies as easy pickings when it comes to dealing with small businesses.

If you select the correct Long Tail Phrases they are often the most profitable for your business however consider the following phrases:

“Cars Edinburgh” - 1.5 million searches last month - generic phrase - very competitive

“Cars for Sale Edinburgh” - 3600 searches last month - Long Tail Phrase - moderately competitive

“Cheap Cars Edinburgh” - Zero searches last month - Long Tail Phrase - Non Competitive

Cars Edinburgh - good phrase with lots of volume however it will cost a lot of money to optimise their will be a lot of wastage and will take a lot of staff to manage and filter enquiries.

Cheap Cars Edinburgh - on the face of it a perfect phrase however no one searched for this at all last month and so it is very easy for a search engine optimisation company to sell to a small business takes little effort to put them on the top of the search engines but again it is useless as no one is searching for it and therefore will not deliver any enquiries.

Cars for Sale Edinburgh - This is an ideal phrase - good search volumes (3600 last month) Long Tail so more targeted still fairly competitive so will need some expertise and link building to get to the top of the search engines however it will be relatively inexpensive in comparison to the results generated. If you select 15-20 phrases of this nature you will have significant volumes to your web site, the quality of the enquiry will be much better and closer to the buying decision and will be relatively inexpensive to optimise.

Employing a Search Engine Marketing Company is essential for most small businesses when it comes to implementing an effective SEO campaign but ensure they show you exactly how many people are searching for each phrase each month. This information is available to all for free on Google and with software like Wordtracker.

Paul Sheals

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Winning Habit! - Paul Sheals
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Paul Sheals: Paul Sheals

It has been really interesting to watch different teams, Nations and players throughout this World Cup Tournament and the different attitudes they all have. Usually they fall into three categories:

1. Teams that expect to win - Brazil, Argentina, Germany and more recently the likes of Spain. These are teams that go into a match fully expecting to win, never doubting they will win and even when they go behind believing they will come back. Not only do the players expect this, but the manager, the fans and more often than not the opposition. This comes from developing a winning habit, an understanding of how to win and the experience to manage all the pressures and expectations that come from consistently winning. This type of attitude is evident in many sports, Roger Federer in tennis, Michael Phelps in swimming, Tiger Woods in golf the current England one day cricket team.

2. Teams that are fearless - South Korea, Japan, Chile, USA. These are teams that come into the tournament with no expectation of winning. The players know they cannot win, the coach knows they cannot win, the fans and press have no expectation of winning and so the team can play every match with complete freedom and every game they play is like their cup final. Again with every sport there are so many examples of the under dog defying all the odds to win matches, medals and titles.

3. Desperate not to lose - There are many teams, players coaches who are just passed their best and are more frightened of losing what they have as opposed to winning. You will often hear sports people say it is easier to reach the top than stay at the top. Italy and France are prime examples of this during the 2010 World Cup Finals.

There is now a fourth category but it only contains one team - England!! England are now out on their own, everyone knows they can win, should win, have the ability to win from the fans, to the press and the experts. The only people that don't believe are the players who consistently crumble under the pressure and weight of expectation.

Paul Sheals
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England Sad Exit -Paul Sheals
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Paul Sheals: Paul Sheals

Having spent the past two hours going through every emotion that all England fans have become so used to dealing with, I fined myself happy that I have been put out of my misery. I feel happy that England have now been eliminated and I don't have to force myself to watch the drivel that passes for English football. We seem to build ourselves up with more hope than expectation when in reality the writing is and always has been on the wall.
We qualified fairly well but from a pretty average group, the last few warm up games were poor, the group games were dreadful, even the win against the Slovaks was average at best.
Rooney was out of form at the back end of United's season and it didn't improve in any of the World Cup Games. He had little or no service but even when he did he could do nothing with the ball.
Without Rooney we have no class strikers, Gerrard has the ability but is out of position and again didn't really hit top form in his season at Liverpool, Upson isn't good enough, Garragher hasn't got the pace and is found wanting at this level, Glen Johnston isn't good enough, Milner (who I like) isn't good enough at this level, Lampard didn't really show up at this tournament, Hesky isn't good enough, Defoe isn't good enough, Wright- Phillips & Lennon don't have the delivery to be effective at this level and so why oh why did we ever think we could win.
I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that we are more England fans than Football fans. Most of us are fiercely patriotic and so we are desperate for England to do well and this shapes our view and expectation of the England Football team.

Paul Sheals
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