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So, by the title you will understand what this blog entry is all about.
When travelling to a different country by air you may think about many things, however a volcano was never something that crossed my mind. Not once !
So after 2 weeks in the US i now get to fly back home where my wife will be pleased to see me and hopefully my kids will remember who i am.
Of course for me the problem of being stuck was not as bad as some. I had a company that was paying for the hotel, the food, the car etc and so its not cost me anything apart from the loss of time with my family. For some I have read stories of epic journeys that have cost many 100's or 1000's of pounds as well as stories that concern people camped at airports for days with little money or help. Once home I cannot wait to fill in this trip's expense report. This will be littered with red flags all over the place. The volcano has a lot to answer for and may have caused financial losses across the world, but at least i get to own some new shirts and socks. As for the hotel , well it feels like a second home, if i stayed any longer i feel that they would ask advice of the redecocration and ask if i want my mail redirected !!
The hire car company has been happy to let me drive their car for an additional week without any messages or concerns. They clearly are happy that my credit rating and driving is of a standard that they do not to be concerned. (if only they knew). I do however wonder how long it would be before they would consider the car stolen, i mean surely after 3 months they would start to think is he every coming back !
This of course is exactly what my wife has been saying for the past week and so whilst the hire company may be happy to let me drive around the country, my wife and family are a little more concerned in seeing their husband / father returned with out any additional dents or scratches and preferably with a full tank of fuel.
Now where did i leave my car !
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anonymous - April 23rd, 2010
My god - you're alive!!! happy.gif Glad to hear you still around... Need beer soon?

ps Grocer's apostrophe in the title


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