I Haz Blog? Who Knew?
Date: Mar 18th, 2011 2:16:43 am - Subscribe
Mood: alright
What's On My Sansa: Animal ~ Neon Trees

I haven't updated this thing in so long that

1) I'm surprised it's still here.
2) It took logging into LiveJournal for the first time in two years to remind me that this one still exists.



Sooo anyway...

Not much is new in life.

Well, that's a lie. Considering it's been three years about since I've last updated, a lot is new. Like, a lot.

I graduated from college. I got a boyfriend. I broke up with a boyfriend. Got back together with same boyfriend. Helped someone fight for custody of their grandchild. Lost my grandfather and my uncle. Started talking to my brother.


I'm sure other stuff happened too, but my memory is crap.

Wow, I really can't believe I still have this blog. I thought they get deleted after three months of no new additions?

....Heh. Cool.
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Damn you, Inbox!
Date: Dec 15th, 2008 2:06:25 am - Subscribe
Mood: neutral
What's On My Sansa: Fall For You ~ Secondhand Serenade

For the past few weeks now, my regular email account at Inbox.com has been breaking down. Every few days I can access it for an hour or so, but then the entire website stops working...

So annoying.

So now I'm back at Hotmail. Damnit. I *liked* Inbox, but if I can only accesses it when its not PMSing, it doesn't do me a whole lot of good.

Hopefully it stops being a bitch soon so I can go back. Hotmail isnt't exactly my favorite email server.

In other news, I finally broke down and bought Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It's not bad but still not a favorite. I'm not going to bother with New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn, but if she decides to finish Midnight Sun I'll buy that.

And I'm sick again. Damnit. This is getting really annoying. I don't care HOW sick I am, there is no way in hell I'm going to miss Christmas dinner for two years in a row. This will be my last Christmas with my grandfather, so I'm going to go - hacking up lungs or not.

2009 had better be a better year or I may just go find a nice cliff to dive off of.
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Go Choke On a Snowball, Winter
Date: Dec 3rd, 2008 7:10:57 am - Subscribe
Mood: angsty
What's On My Sansa: Disturbia ~ Rihannon

I hate winter.

I hate the sneezing, and coughing, and itchy eyes.

I hate the not being able to breathe because I'm too busy choking on my own mucus.

I hate the holiday traffic, and holiday rushes, and holiday music.

I hate the visiting relatives you ignore the other 364.25 days a year.

I hate that it's freezing at two in the afternoon yet we still can't get snow.

I hate that the economy was so fucked over by Bush that everything seems to be paid for with blood.

I hate that my family seems intent on ruining the only other thing I look forward to every year.

I hate knowing that my grandfather is going to die before my next birthday.

I hate winter.
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And The Other Shoe Falls
Date: Oct 1st, 2008 3:57:35 am - Subscribe
Mood: homesick
What's On My Sansa: All Summer Long ~ Kid Rock

Well, I made it through surgery ok. It turns out that it wasn't an ovarian cyst because it wasn't attached to my ovary. It was attached to my left fallopian tube. The doc said my ovaries are as healthy as can be, so I still have both of them, I'm just down a tube. She said the cyst was larger than a grapefruit but smaller than a volly ball, so I'm thinking it was about the size of a cantelope.

I went under at 7:30 Friday morning. The surger was shorter than they expected, only about 45 minutes. The hospital released me on monday the 29th in the afternoon.

The drugs make me loopy and ramble.

I get my staples out on Thursday, the 2nd. I'm just glad everything went okay. I was reeeaally wanting to be home the entire time I was at the hospital, and I'm really happy I am.
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IF You Want To Take Over the World, You Gotta Start Small
Date: Sep 11th, 2008 12:47:15 pm - Subscribe
Mood: resigned
What's On My Sansa: Say Anything (Else) ~ Cartel

Okay! Now we know what's going on!

So, the Cyst is officially 14.6 x 14.8 x 9.8 cm. I saw another OB/GYN on Tuesday, and she says that it looks benign so she's going to go ahead and operate within the next two-three weeks.

What is it with my family this year? Everyone is going to the hospital.

My grandfather hit his head really hard falling down the stairs.

My uncle keeps having "episodes".

My cousin had a heart attack and died.

I'm going in to get surgury.

I'm sure there are some other people in my family who have gone to the hospital this year, but I wouldn't know about it because no one ever tells me anything.


Hurry UP, 2009!
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Bite the World! ...Not Litterally, Though, Cuz It's Kinda Dirty...
Date: Aug 20th, 2008 12:35:30 am - Subscribe
Mood: overwhelmed
What's On My Sansa: Pump It ~ The Black-Eyed Peas

Well, I had my ultrasound today. One of most likely many to come.

The Cyst is 14cm x 9cm. (That's about 5 1/2 in. by 3 1/4 in. for you non-metric peoples of which I am apart of... o.O")

Oh yeah. Capital letters. It's on.

They "think" it's a simply cyst, but they're also "thinking" it might be a complex cyst. Either way, it'll most likely have to be surgically removed, in which case, I'm gonna have a rough month ahead of me. The doc explained that it would be about 3-5 days in the hospital, and then two-three weeks for recovery.

Goddammnit, and I really can't spell tonight.

I'm just really hoping the CA-125 blood test comes back negative.

(That is, Cancer Allogen Test #125. Yeah. I'm smartical.)

To dumb it down for those who really, really don't get it:

Duh, like, they're checking for cancer, like totally.

Stupid people rule the world. I find that amazing.
(No. Not really.)

But the pain is still wicked horrible, but NOTHING like it was on Friday. If it was, I'd march strait back into the emergency ward and demand more Demoral. Or at least a Demoral-ish pill.

Well, we'll see.

And if it is cancer, someone will die.

And no, it will not be me.
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Is Drugged Out Of Mind
Date: Aug 17th, 2008 2:59:35 am - Subscribe
Mood: cheated
What's On My Sansa: I Kissed a Girl ~ Katy Perry

Hello again. Di demanded an update, so here I go.

My spelling may suck, and if it does, then too bad, I'm not gonna fix it. I prolly wouldn't even notice anyway.

I now realize why I had always previously refused Vicodin. Because it makes me loopy. That is some powerful stuff, even in generic form.

Why am I taking Vicodin, you ask? Well, I'll tell you why. As soon as the room stops spinning.

Okay. Well, at about 3:40 pm Friday August 15th, I was in the worst pain of my life. And I mean THE worst. I am now considering never having kids. Ever.

So, instead of doing what a smart person would and call an ambulance, my dumb ass decided to go to the emergency room. I got there at five. I got triaged at 5:45. At 6:30 I got my first pain shot.

Did it work? Nope. Not a single bit.

At this point, I was a gibbering mess of agonized nerve endings.

At about 7:45 I was finally called back for x-rays. They thought I might have been passing a kidney stone.

They were wrong, not that I found out until about 8:40, at which point I was taken to the back and given a room. At 9:30 I was given blessed pain medication that knocked my socks off, made my lungs feel heavy, and damn near made me pass out. But it WORKED. And for that I was about ready to declare the nurse the reciever of my firstborn child, not that I was ever going to have any.

Between 9:30 and 10:30 I was drugged out of my mind on ... Demoral? Detoral? I dunno, something along that line that was very, very strong. Since the shot didn't work, they put me on an IV. They also put me on IV fluids because it was making me dehydrated.

It was during this time that I found out that the reason I was about ready to ask someone to hit me over the head with a brick to make me pass out in order to sleep through the pain was because I had an ovarian cyst in my left ovary the size of a football.

It's still there, and it will be for a few more days. At least I have Vicodin.

On Monday the 18th I go to the OB/GYN for an ultrasound to find out what kind it is, and after that they figure out whether I need surgery or a really big needle to drain it.

I did research... it'll prolly be the surgery. I'm guessing 'football' means it's mroe than four inches in diameter, which is the point when it's operable. They also have to decide if it's malignant or not, and I'm seriously hoping it's not, because cancer is not something I need to deal with right now on top of everything else.

So, that's what's going on with me this week.

2008 has been a rotten, rotten year so far. Let's hope it's over with soon and 2009 is better. Because, seriously, the only good thing to happen this year is that I graduated and turned 21.

Not that I can drink anything because of the Vicodin.

Damn it.
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And You Will Be In Our Memory
Date: Jun 8th, 2008 5:14:33 am - Subscribe
Mood: sorrowful
What's On My Sansa: Welcome To The Black Parade ~ My Chemical Romance

For my cousin Christopher, for though I did not know you well, you will be in my heart forever.

Rest In Peace, June 7, 2008
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Another Year, Another Dead Body
Date: Apr 28th, 2008 11:00:17 pm - Subscribe
Mood: blah
What's On My Sansa: crushcrushcrush ~ Paramore

21 doesn't feel much different from 20, y'know. Except now people will sell alcohol to me. Only difference.

STILL looking for a damned job. Damnit. And that stupid balloon in the corner of the screen that keeps popping up every five minutes is . p i s s i n g . m e . o f f.


My cousin is a Rumaholic. Personally, I blame Jack Sparrow, but that's just me. Then again, her mom could drive a preist to drink, so... no surprise I guess.

I bought a lemon tree. Meyer. I'll get fruit in about a year. ...just for the edification of whoever reads this...

Bored. Nothing to read, nothing to do. I feel lazy today.

... i think I'll go poke my cat.
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Where There's A Will, There's A Dead Guy
Date: Mar 14th, 2008 12:05:40 am - Subscribe
Mood: blank
What's On My Sansa: Love Note ~ Sara Barellies

Sooo... two weeks. And I'm done with school. Yayness! Now if only I can get a job. ¬¬" Le sigh.

So, it's been an interesting year so far. Well, not interesting per se.... It's actually going by in a blur right now, as it usually does in the first few months until my birthday. And then my birthday comes, I party, then I tune the rest of the year out.

Ha. Take that, cable! I don't need your help to become a mindless drone! I manage it pretty well on my own, thank you.

I can't wait until Psych comes back for the new season. We'll finally see Shawn's mommy! Yay! 'Cause seriously, giving a whole episode devoted to Gus's parents and comepletely neglecting to mention Shawn's mother in anything but arguments between him and Henry - shameless!

Although, I loved the Psych-out from that episode. That was funny. And now they have the Adventures of Little Shawn and Gus... and AlTell took it over. Gorramit. There better be new ones! New ones, I say!

...sigh. I'm in a weird mood. Could it be the impending graduation? Perhaps... Could it be the truckload of cookies I've consumed this week from class? Most likely.

Mostly, though, I'm looking forward to getting back to my writing... as is everyone who reads it. Too many people telling me to "get writing, damnit; I want to know what happens next!". Honestly, stalker peoples, so do I.

Now, to go do something productive.
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I Don't Want To Waste My Time On Simple Little Things
Date: Feb 16th, 2008 3:18:08 am - Subscribe
Mood: *dancedancedance*
What's On My Sansa: Happy Boys & Girls ~ Aqua


Yes! *dances*

PS: I find it extrememly amusing that the little dancing AIM guy fits perfectly to the temp of Heat Of The Night by Aqua. And pretty much any other fast-beat, persperation-inspiring, techno-rock dance-worthy song.

Seriously. Try it out.
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Yet Another Year.... Yay.
Date: Jan 2nd, 2008 2:19:54 am - Subscribe
Mood: bitter
What's On My Sansa: What Hurts The Most ~ Cascada

Happy new year, everyone. Yes, I'm late, but that's the story of my life.

My New Years Resolution is to not make any New Years Resolutions. Why bother if I only end up breaking them anyway, right?

I haven't had the best vacation as of yet. I was sick through Christmas, meaning I couldn't go to San Francisco for the family dinners. And three hours before midnight of 2007, my best friend and my boyfriend got into a huge fight, mostly because they were either high, drunk, or (in the case of my friend) high AND drunk.

So I got to sit through a *wonderful* screaming match, after which my boyfriend stormed out, disappeared for an hour, and then turned up again to take me to his friend's house, which was actually pretty damn fun. We ended up playing Settlers of Catar until 2:30 in the morning.

My vacation is going by too fast for me to enjoy it, especially since I was sick for a third of it. I still don't have my voice back completely, which is really annoying. And I'm still attempting to cough up a lung, seeing as I hadn't succeeded during the first eleven days of my illness.

I'm guessing this is how the rest of my year is going to go - shitty and trying desperately to die a horrible, agonizing death. ::rolls eyes:: Whoopie.

Also, since I'm too lazy to make another post just for this one, short rant, I'm going to put it here:

Harry is a ParselMOUTH. Not a Parseltongue.

Parseltongue is a language.
A Parselmouth is a person who SPEAKS the language.

GET IT RIGHT, DAMNIT! You have seven FUCKING books to do so! Six, if you discount year one, but that's still enough fucking resources to look it up in, not to mention a movie, hundreds of websites, and the fucking JKR-sanctioned Harry Potter Lexicon.

God damnit, people. Stop being so fucking stupid.
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And Then Out Of The Blue...
Date: Dec 1st, 2007 2:51:13 am - Subscribe
Mood: popular
What's On My Sansa: Away With The Summer Rain ~ Youngstown

I have waay too many icons. Like, seriously. I counted. I did.


Okay, so that may not be a lot to some, like a fifteen-year-old who has nothing better to do than play on the internet all day... or the girl/guy that makes their own... or the people who spend *all day* doing nothing but chatting, surfing YouTube, and collecting icons... But still. It's a lot.

And I want MORE. People, SEND ME ICONS. I'd love you for *forever*. I don't care what type of icon, or how good it is, or what it's about. But SEND IT.

Oh, about school... This is my fourth mod. I just finished week one. We have three more weeks, then a three week vacation, then finals week. Then my second-to-last mod.

I am SO ready to be done! Seriously!

Mod 1: 91
Mod 2: 92
Mod 3: 88 (failed the practical final by 4 points, but aced the written - god, Chef B. was such a hard-ass! I *totally* missed Chef C.!)
Mod 4: (presently) 99

It's only week one, so I don't expect that 99% to last. I can hope to hell, though.

As for the fics... well, DOMM will be a while. I'm stuck on it and only, like 440 words in, so yeah. All The Stars... has only the fore-scene. I know where I'm going with the chapter, though, so maybe I'll get it done on break. I'm hoping.

If you're from FFN/AFF and you actually come and read this thing (drop me a line if you do, damnit!) I'm writing a(n) HP one-shot called Midnight Blues. Once the beautiful and loverly Siavahda gets back to me on my stuck part, it should be out, hopefully, next week. It was eating my brain and the plunnies were threatening to eat me if I didn't write it.

So... that's about it for now. Ciao, babeh!
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Please, Satan, Set Fire to the Morons
Date: Nov 4th, 2007 12:18:01 am - Subscribe
Mood: severely annoyed
What's On My Sansa: The Good Life ~ Kayne West

Someone PLEASE tell me the point in turning a character of your story into a girl in order for the him-that-is-now-a-her to date a guy simply because you don't like slash.

Seriously? What's the point?

If you don't like slash, then you don't have to write it. But PLEASE, I beg of thee, don't turn one of your two favorite male characters into a GIRL just to be able to pair him-now-her with your second favorite guy.

I mean, I see the point if you're trying to write a story about a guy who feels like a girl in a male body (aka a transvestite). I see the point in a guy being a girl in a past life or vice versa. But I DON'T see the point in having a character born as or turned into a girl via magic/potion/spell-gone-wrong just because you want to see those two together but you don't like male/male pairings!

It bugs the HELL out of me! I won't read those stories because I find them so incredibly stupid.

It's just.. SO annoying.



In other news, DOMM 5 is coming along well thanks to my incredible Beta Siavahda. Kudos to her!

With luck, I'll have the chapter finished and post-ready within the week.

All the Stars 7 is also coming along nicely, but it might take just a bit longer as I'm trying to focus on DOMM.

And there's your story news for the day.

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Time Flies When You're In Hell's Kitchen
Date: Oct 9th, 2007 9:21:32 pm - Subscribe
Mood: ugh
What's On My Sansa: Paralyzed ~ Finger Eleven

Well, I am officially nine weeks into the course, on the second-to-last week of my second mod. This mod is Cakes and Cake Decorating Techniques. Finals are next week.

Someone shoot me. =.="

No, it's not that bad. Sure, some my classmates could be a little more... mature. Sure, I wish there were chairs in the kitchen. Sure, things look waaay too easy in theory. And sure, I tell myself I want to drop out at least once a day.

But it's not *horrible*. And for some reason I keep going *back*. o.O" Weird. With my other classes, I say I don't want to go back and *poof!* I don't. Huh.

Oh well.

I've had exactly two customers since I started advertising my business. Severely limited advertising, sure, but.... Well, technically it's one customer with two seperate orders... ¬¬" Yeah. I do have a couple people who want me to make them cakes, but I'm not getting paid for one of them.

Taking into account that I'm still in school, I haven't sent out any official types of advertisement aside of word-of-mouth, and I'm working with limited supplies and tools, I guess I could say I'm starting out like any other business.


But that's all for now. Culinary school is very, very draining. *.*
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And The Stars Shine Brightly
Date: Aug 3rd, 2007 3:09:39 am - Subscribe
Mood: infinite
What's On My Sansa: Potential Breakup Song ~ Aly & AJ


I am now OFFICIALLY enrolled in Institute of Technology's Baking and Pastry Specialist Program!!!!!

Term starts Aug. 13 and ends March 13. 30 week program, 7 months, four days and 20 hours a week.


By this time next year, I will have my own business and it will be OFF. THE. GROUND!

Can you tell I'm excited?

I can't wait!!

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When It Rains, It Pours Bullets.
Date: Jul 23rd, 2007 11:46:24 am - Subscribe
Mood: hurt
What's On My Sansa: What Hurts The Most ~ Rascal Flatts

WARNING: I'm about to rant. Please bare with me.

I've been friends with Ann for almost two years now. In the beginning, it was as awkward as new friendships usually are, and then it became comfortable, and familiar. I was so proud with myself that I was able to put myself out there and become more than just the "nose-in-book, fantasy loving, slightly insane loner" that my insecurities tend to portray me as.

Everything was going great. Her parents liked me, which was unusual. Her daughter adored me, which was even more so. I became so comfortable with my little niche that I referred to her parents as my "second set", and her daughter even calls me Auntie. And when it's established that I'd do anything for these people that have accepted me into their lives, and have proven to do so... the true beast emerges.

Now, I have the utmost respect and admiration for her parents. I love her daughter as though she truly were my niece. So don't misunderstand, because they have been nothing but kind to me. They aren't the problem.

She is.

Over the last one year, ten months, and eight days, I have kept my promises to her. Unless I was sick, or broke, or anything else that was completely out of my control, I have made sure to never break my word. Because, truly, my ethics won't allow me to.

Which is why, my dear readers, I wonder this: Why has she almost always broken hers? And why do I allow her to keep doing so?

Before this month, I've let it slide. They were just little promises, mostly, that had little effect on my life or future. If she couldn't fulfill one of her promises, I found a way around it. What makes this month so different, you ask?

Let me tell you.

This month I have the distinct privilege of having both a working car AND a useable permit. On top of that, mom and I are definitely buying a house, and I've been accepted into TWO colleges that I wanted to get into. (Just for future reference, although it has nothing to do with this rant, one is a Pastry-Baking Academy, the other is a Business school. And yes, I do need to attend both for my future goals.)

Now, because of certain circumstances, I HAVE to have my license by the August 6th. A good thing, then that my test is on July 30th. However, how am I to pass this test if I have not the practice?

Three weeks ago, my friend promised that she would specifically set time aside for me this month to be my license driver while I practiced (with pay, which is a different subject all-together considering I have not once asked for a dime while watching her daughter, free of charge, for 98% of every Saturday for the last year, plus a few weekdays thrown in). "Great!" I had thought. "Now I can finally accomplish at least one of my goals for this year!"

As I said, that was three weeks ago. How many times has she actually gotten into my car so I could drive?

Twice. Maybe thrice.

Once reluctantly, may I add, seeing as it was for my purposes and not hers and she was only going to get five dollars for gas to come to my place, drop her car off, get in my car, drive, go back to my place, get into her car, and go home. She only lives about two, three miles away, just to add.

There are only three other people I could ask to go driving with me. All three have steady, long-hour jobs and one is pregnant. She was my only truly available driver.

But she's been "busy" this month. I could believe that, with her brother's wedding being this month. However, when she has time to go find yet another boyfriend in order to cheat on the one she cheated on the last one with, and yet cannot seem to find the time to Not Use Her Own Gas to take me driving... that being "busy" scenario seems a little farfetched.

The icing on the cake, however, ladies and gentlemen, is that she made me a promise that she would sit in MY car, using MY gas, so that I could drive to a meeting with a career counselor so I could Get Into College this semester. I even gave her ten dollars for gas - up front because I'm too trusting a person - to be able to get here so we can go.

The first day I had the meeting scheduled, she overslept and wouldn't be ready in time. Understandable, she works until five or six in the morning and the meeting was at noon. I let it slide and rescheduled it.

The second day I had the meeting scheduled, she couldn't get transportation. Her usual car was broken down, and the only other available one her mom needs to use go to work. Her husband was supposed to give her a ride, but he was sick (understandable), so no go there.

HOWEVER... that was all four hours before my meeting. There is a bus line directly in front of her apartment that connects to a line that stops just down the street from mine. It takes twenty minutes, half an hour with wait, forty including the walk up the hill to mine. The fare is $1.30.

In four hours, she could not scrounge up one dollar and thirty cents to get to my house in time. My meeting was at three, this started at about eleven. She needed to be here by two thirty in order for me to get there with only a few minutes of being late. The buses to my house are on the half hour.

And then, finally, FINALLY, she manages to get $1.30 and she's going to be on her way. Her mother was going to drop off the car seat and she'll take the bus.

....wait, what? Her mother can take the car seat, but not her? I don't see the logic, but I was too speechless by the whole thing to ask.

This was at two o'clock. She would get here by three. When did I mention my meeting was before? Oh, yes. At The Time She Would Be Arriving At. It's at least a good forty minutes, with traffic, to get to the college. By the time we would be settled in the car and on our way, I would get there an hour late.

I told her to forget it. She said that she was sorry, that she tried, and that was it.

I didn't reschedule for a third time. I didn't want to have to go through that again.

Is it just me? Does no one else see anything wrong with this scenario?

What I really don't understand, and what really hurts, is that every time I am unable to keep my word, it's turned back upon me as though I'm a bad person. And yet, she breaks a promise to me, and I can't defend how hurt I feel by that, because it's a personal attack and somehow she becomes the victim.

I'm being used. And I know this.
My friendship is being abused. And I know this.
My generosity is being taken advantage of. And I know this.

And yet... I let it go on.

Frankly, I just don't know what to do. No, I take that back. I know what to do. It's the same thing my other friends and my family have been telling me for a while now.

I should stop being her friend.

The problem with that is that I don't like my options. I have two choices:

1: Put up with it, and keep the people I respect, admire, and love as well as someone who hurts me.

Or 2: Lose her, lose those people I respect, admire, and love (because there's no way in hell she'll let me speak to her parents or her daughter after having been "victimized" like that) and feel free of this terrible burden I've brought upon myself.

This is what I have to choose between. I'm sure you can see why it's a hard choice. And it leaves me back at the point where I don't know what to do.

This is why I have decided, that if she breaks her promise this week of helping me in the few days I have left before my test, that I'm simply going to have to go with the least favored option of writing her out of my life until she restores that last bit of faith I have in her. If she breaks her promise, and I pray to God (although I don't believe in him) that she doesn't, I'm stuck with the promise that I have made for myself.

And really, can you blame me?
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Let The Other Pin Drop
Date: Jun 26th, 2007 3:56:46 am - Subscribe
Mood: elated
What's On My Sansa: Beautiful Girls ~ Sean Kingston



I am SO happy right now, you have NO idea!

Now, to get my license... ::cough::

Okay, well it's been forever since I last updated. I've been doing a lot of stuff.

First, Mom and I are MOVING... in five or six months. ¬¬" We're buying a house! Yay us!

Since we're both tired of moving every three or so years, we've decided that living somewhere we owned would be the best choice. And it's not really a house house, but a modular home. The one we want is absolutely gorgeous.

The living room goes on forever. Swear.

Of course, it's in a park that is off course for Mom to get to work so I'd have to drive her somwhere and pick her up, but that is SO worth it to have not only a place we OWNED but my license too!

::dances some more::

So, aside from doing house-hunting and driver's test prepping, I've also been looking for a job (still! ><""), planning for Christmas (explanations later), and figuring out what classes I have to take in order to get paid for babysitting Chrissy since Ann is looking to get a second job and I'll have her WAY too often to let slide for free. Seriously, my patience AND my generosity has run out with her.

As for Christmas, Mom's letting me take over the baking. As long as she makes the eggnog cookies, I can do everything else. I'm planning on doing a sampler, including some sugar-free stuff, of my baking and see how people respond or how they like it. If they like it, I'll take over from now on. Also, it gives Mom time to do her own things.

So, I'm making a list of what I'm making, how much I'm making, and what I'll need.

What else....

Oh, yeah. I learned something new!

See, I clean out my Alerts list (FFN thing) once a year. I get rid of authors who don't write on FFN anymore, and I take off stories by authors already on Author Alert (no point having both when one does the same job) or that are complete, or that I'm not reading anymore.

You know what I realized this year?

I have waaaaay too much free time.


Yeah, so that's about it. Later.
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And Click Goes The Little Lightbulb
Date: Jun 9th, 2007 6:24:06 pm - Subscribe
Mood: spazzy
What's On My Sansa: Umbrella ~ Rihanna

Finally, after years of struggling over my OTP (as, until about a year ago I didn't even know what that meant) I hath finally decided!

My OTP is..... Dee/Ryo from FAKE! ^__^

Yosh! X} Now to find a pic of their yummyness...

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Slytherin vs. Idiots Who Constantly Misspell Slytherin
Date: Jun 7th, 2007 5:54:14 am - Subscribe
Mood: pissed
What's On My Sansa: Beautiful Girls ~ Sean Kingston

Slytherin v. Slytherein/Slythierian/Slytheran/etc...

Okay, people. I don't like pointing fingers, and I hate to do this... well, actually, no. That's a lie. Right now I feel justified.

Before I begin, answer a few questions for me, huh?

How many books are there currently in the series?

Six. That's right.

And how many times has the word 'Slytherin' been written in a single book, whatever form it may be in?

At least two hundred times each book if not more.


I am a Slytherin. Fully loaded, fully snarky, and fully believing that most Gryffindors are extremely stupid. (Like Ron. I hate him, but that's a different kind of rant all together.) And when my house is disrespected that way, by not spelling the name correctly, I get very, very mad.

I mean, come ON. Turn to a random page in any of the books, and I'm sure you'll find the correct spelling within five pages max.

It's not that fucking hard!! Who CARES if it means walking a whole two feet to the bookshelf just to get the spelling right? Leaving it WRONG just reduces the level of craftsmanship! It ruins your whole story!

You can have the best story this side of FF.N, on par with the greatest of their time like Cassandra Claire, QueenStrata, and Rhysenn, but if you keep the spelling of Slytherin wrong throughout the whole thing, you might as well delete it!

Common sense people. PLEASE, I BEG of you, spell my house's name right!


...Thank you.

(And the same goes to you people who are always mispelling Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. IT'S NOT THAT FUCKING HARD!)
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Boredom is Boring.... ><
Date: May 21st, 2007 7:48:03 pm - Subscribe
Mood: cheeky
What's On My Sansa: Thnks Fr th Mmrs ~ Fall Out Boy

Yosh. I'm bored again.

And hyper.


What was I going to do again? o.O"

Oh right.

Last weekend was Mother's Day. Well, duh. Anyway, I went to my uncle's house to spend some time with my grandparents, who were there for the day. I spent the night because I promised to help my uncle list his Ty Beanies on EBay.

'Cause, apparently, he can buy stuff to his heart's content, but he doesn't know how to list. ¬¬"

So anyway, I had to list them all, so people know what they're buying.

You know how long that took me?


He has 867 of the little buggers. And no, I'm not exagerating. I counted them all. In fact, I might have been off by one or two. I might be closer to 870.

><" That was not fun. I know more about beanies than I have ever wanted to IN MY LIFETIME.


Cool thing is, though, I get 10% of the sale. =P

One bid and I get 400 bucks. Yayness!


Now I'm bored again, and with nothing to do.

And no one is online to talk to. -.-

T.T I'm so boooored....
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Excuse My Random Valley Girl Moment
Date: May 9th, 2007 7:04:09 am - Subscribe
Mood: loopy
What's On My Sansa: Home ~ Daughtry

OMG this is like the CUTEST picture I have EVER seen!!

::squeals like a little girl::

It's sooooo adorable!!!

I have no idea where I found it or who made it, but whoever they are, you are my GOD!

::stars adoringly at picture and sqeals a bit more::
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And Frogs Shall Rain From the Sky...
Date: May 7th, 2007 10:28:36 am - Subscribe
Mood: =}
What's On My Sansa: Sweet Escape ~ Gwen Stefani


Unlike you, I intend to call. Muwaha.

Anyway, since it's your birthday, this entire post is dedicated to you. Thus, it needs the obligatory Song Of Doom:

Happy Birthday TO YOU!
You live in A ZOO!
You smell like A MONKEY!
And you look like ONE TOO!


I was looking ALL OVER for that birthday poem I wrote to you like, four years ago (o.O ::koff::) but I couldn't. So I wrote you another one.

Be scared. Be very scared. Mwuahaha.

Here it is: (I wrote this just before posting, by the way.)

Happy Birthday to you, it's your twentieth year
You're now all grown up; you've got nothing to fear
Except for getting caught 'cause of the underage drinking -
This, I admit, has got me a’ thinking
On your 21st birthday we're going to have fun,
Going to bars (club hopping's second to none);
The Rage, Aqua Club, and maybe Ugly's
That is, if you can afford the gas to get here (Sheesh!)
But just 'case you can't, here's what I'm gonna do:
I'm gotta get hired and save up (eventually too)
I'm gonna buy me a ticket, plane or train it depends
On how much I can afford and how long I can spend
With you in Kentucky, 'cause you know, I can't quit my job
(That I don't have right now, but I will eventually. ::sob::)
I'll meet all your new friends that made you (sort of) forget me
I'll kick your butt for doing so and scare them with my insanity
Then we're going to go out to all the cool bars
And get totally smashed (It's for a good cause!)
We’ll stumble around, too inebriated to drive,
In quest for a Starbuck’s, it’s the only way we’ll survive
And just when we think we can’t drink anymore
We’ll buy a bottle of wine in a toast to the yore
We’ll wake up in the morning, you hung-over, me peachy keen
But we’ll spend all day talking, remembering when we were fifteen
When we did the same thing (except for getting drunk)
Bothering the hell out of your mother (‘cause she really stunk)
Those were the best days, the best I’ve ever had
Even when we fought and things got really bad
But we always made up, ‘cause that’s just how we are
Best friends ‘till the end, even when we were far
You’ll always be my sister, my soul-mate and friend
Even through the end of the world we’ll transcend
All of the others who claimed the same thing
Compared to us, their friendships are only a fling
I better stop now, ‘cause I’m going to cry
And if anyone asks I’ll only deny
Ever doing so, except of course to you
Because I know you’ll probably cry too
This poem really isn’t the best in the world, that’s correct
I’ve been up all night on Red Bull, what else do you expect?
And although you think I cheated, it's true -
Haha, Di, I'm still older than you!

I love you!
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Space Cows Stole My Marbles
Date: May 5th, 2007 6:24:17 am - Subscribe
Mood: vacant
What's On My Sansa: Sexy Love ~ Ne-Yo

Still nothing to report. Really. I'm just bored. But just to annoy you, I'll list the contents of my day.

Woke up.
Did stuff.
Watched handymen fix the fence.
Ate breakfast.
Formatted my folders, files, flash drive, and 43 floppy disks.
Continued watching the handymen fix the fence.
Called Mom six times.
Lazed about.
Broke up three cat fights.
Went to the store.
Ate dinner.
Watched TV.
Went online.
Checked email.
Talked to Rain, who has disappeared... o.O"
Wrote in my blog.



So, anyway. Di's not ignoring me anymore. Yosh! Thus my powers for psychically controlling others is proven!!

....well, actually, she just read my blog, saw that I wanted her to call me, and then did so. ¬¬"



Hopefully I might be hired as a part-time server in a Chinese restaraunt. I hope. Really hope. Last chance 'til the car is fixed right there.

Luck, don't skip town! Or I'll kick your ass.
I'm not joking.

... I should be going to bed. But I won't be. Dunno. Maybe.

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....Is This Thing On? ::poke::
Date: May 1st, 2007 8:06:44 pm - Subscribe
Mood: stuck
What's On My Sansa: Girlfriend ~ Avril Lavinge

I am so bored right now. =.=

I have nothing to report, really, but I felt like putting up an entry.

Why? Beats me.

But anyway....

Trine's making me write her a story. As if a sixty chapter trilogy, a 104 chapter drabble fic, finishing Crystal and finally getting around to working on Pri-chan's gift fic isn't enough. What do I get myself into?

Masochist, they name is Pherazen.


So... stuff to report....



Mom1 is getting ready to take a promotion test, which means a raise, which means moving....
Mom2 made the Dean list (congrats, btw)....
Di's still ignoring me (CALL ME, DAMN YOU!)....
I'm still psychotic....

Yeah, so nothing new.

I'm so impossibly bored, I can't believe it.

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