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Audi showroom 12 May 2012, Saturday - 05:10 am - Subscribe
Mood | forgotten

Out of no where, i suddenly felt nostalgia about ... some time, not too long ago.. I step into Audi showroom with someone.

That nostalgia feeling.. a sense of "happiness" or pride being seen as "a pair". That perception by others.. was i envied, i thought.. maybe not.

not the pretty , slim, sexy chic that most man like to be seen with..

suddenly, i just missed those feelings, the experience, the memories.. hazy and clear.. time spent.. half day, 1 day, a few hours at different places..

the captured memories.. sometimes i thought one day i will just forget everything. but it just keeps coming back to me ..not once a while..but once every other day.. at times, i will sit in and dwell.. at times i let it past, at times it bring a smile, at times i sigh, well knowing its only a thing of the past.. a memory to behold.

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