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Distance..... from the Healer 02 Feb 2013, Saturday - 10:58 am - Subscribe
Mood | daunted

Although I have somehow felt the distance. it is a gd thing i supposed. i didnt felt as wanting as it used to be.. it just had became a passing by cloud.. although i still see you once a while . but its getting easier to managed. i've gotten colder, and i shd be even colder. maybe i shd just ignore u even more ..

after that thur nite conversation. i think u have made your stand pretty clear and i suppossed it makes good sense too.

^^__^^ ||||| ((**_**))

For so many people I get to meet.
Fate has destined for us to meet
A good twist of fate; you did wat was right
Despite my laying of the path,
You have cleverly avoided the darth trap.

When I get to know.. a little more of you each time;
The feeling of dejavu gets a little stronger;
the more I know, the more I felt.

Once a while, I still think of you.
Not that I missed you.
But for the resemblance you had;
for someone I once held close.

He has now, became a thing of the past.
An icon in my heart.
A memory that I still pulls out
when I want to Remicise
We had distanced.. mentally and physically. I dun yearn, nor do i missed him anymore.

Sometimes i wonder.. wat would happen if u did appear that nite.
But I guess, its best not to know. Time to behave and be a good old gal.

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