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a little nostalgic today 17 Apr 2012, Tuesday - 10:33 pm - Subscribe
Mood | beat

every morning.. i remicise
thinking of the little things that had happened
a year or two ago
a decade or two ago
places that i hv been; places we have been
things i hv given n received
feelings i hv given n received
thoughts i hv given n received
experiences that has given me something to remember as i aged.

experiences that when it happen, it felt nothing. but has become precious as memories start to fade bit by bit.. leaving only those really memorable ones stored in the permanent zone.. lots of teeny weeny bits of flashbacks here and there.

i miss those time.. and i also know its now a part of memory.. a part of the past .. which only i know when i mentally flipped thru the pages in times.. smiling to myself.. No one else hv to know. for its me,myself and my nick.

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