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The Road in a Greenhouse 03 Jul 2012, Tuesday - 10:20 am - Subscribe
Mood | alive

I am in a greenhouse, surrounded with glass.. The world outside can see me, I can see them
We can be standing just 2 inch apart.. but they can never reach me..

Did I forge this greenhouse myself, leaving only a handful that can reach me.. Leaving the rest of the world outside.. including A?

He has never been able to reach me.. even when we are 2 inch apart..

Sometimes.. I tear a strand or two thinking how lonely my path has become.. without food for the soul. Many a times, i pause for a min to feed the loneliness and hopefully that 1 min can last me for a few days or a few weeks..

time for bed.... *yawn**

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anonymous October 09th, 2013

I hope you have a great time too! I am enjoying the salmeps you sent me you will get to read the reviews of them when you come back! =) So far, all the teas are outstanding.

anonymous March 05th, 2014

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